Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The land of the beepless.

Hubs' newish car (bought last December) is the low-as-you go model of Yaris.  I mean, it has power locks once you get into it, but there is no key remote to lock the doors.  It is standard shift.  Pretty basic.  The RAV, however, has some lovely perks.  It has a remote key for the locks, 4WD, the moon roof, power windows.  That sort of thing.  I really appreciate the power windows when in the Yaris and twirling the hand crank on the door.

Recently, my key remote has been giving me fits.  There are days on end that it will work and mornings that it won't.  I made an appointment to get it checked out because I have a warranty and why not use it?  When I called, the gentleman (not my usual repair guy) answered the phone and went though this whole thing about how it could be wiring and it would be at least an hour and maybe the warranty would cover . . . It was really making me feel like a stupid girl for even calling.  This morning, I went to ye ole local Toyota dealership where I love their service but strongly dislike the sales department to meet up with Aaron.  Aaron chuckled when I told him that the key was angry and no longer wanted to work.  When I told him that Mike was discussing wiring and so forth, he pushed the button and said, "You battery is dead!"  He popped the key apart and I was telling him that my husband said that he could do that but, "Is it, what-- $60 to replace a key?"  "$280.  That's why if you bring it to me and I screw it up, we replace it for free."  And he did replace the battery.  A nice Duracell battery that will last another 5 1/2 years.  You know what?  He didn't even charge me.

Hooray!  Thanks Toyota! :)


Rach said...

Funny, *I* had a dead battery today too--but it wasn't my key fob...:sigh:

All's well that ends well, but it was slightly more than yours to replace. :oP

Hooray for excellent customer service! :o) I had a guy coming around last Friday, trying to get me to change my trash service to their company from mine (we don't have county pick-up). The fact my trash guy will get out of his truck, haul up my driveway and get my trash bin when I forget to take it out is worth the additional $10/month. I'm all about excellent customer service. Oh, AND, our guy is an absolutely sweetheart of a man. Can't beat that either. :o)

The Castro Family said...

We have a baseline yaris in our garage taking up space after my brother totalled it! We just can't get rid of it since it still runs and was less than a year old when it was killed. Poor ugly thing. :( It must go.
Love toyotas though! happy news about the key fob! Yaaaaay for nice peoples!