Wednesday, August 28, 2013

First day of school! First day of school!

And we're off!  We're starting the first day of fourth grade with the loveliest teacher!  We met her the other day and I actually cried driving home.  Mrs. S seems so very lovely and we're looking forward to K's new year of school.  I told K that my heart was encouraged.  She agreed.  Hubs reports having all sorts of "warm fuzzies" from her, but not so much from last year's teacher.  Yes, I will get over our 3rd grade experience.  I promise.  

We're back to walking!  Our new building is complete and K is excited.  I had to beg for a crossing guard at our usual stop.  Near the end of our time at our old building, road construction had happened and they (the powers that be) decided to install a light a block down and move the crosswalk for the kids who live in the housing development.  We're the kids on the other side of the development and the move of cross walk added 3 additional blocks (3/10ths of a mile) to the morning walk and I said nothankyou.  As it turns out, the crossing guard reports that he crossed kids going to the middle school this morning, so we're hoping that we can keep him.  I sure would hate to have to wear a whistle and carry a flag in the morning!

And the latest development?  Hubs is going to walk with us whenever he can.  It's so nice to have a walking partner!  Round trip, it is 2 free miles every morning.  Not such a bad thing!

Have a great day!

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