Friday, July 12, 2013

K's first guided sewing project.

K and Miss L have been working on this stuffed dog for two sewing sessions.  K chose the fabric and the pattern.  She learned how to read a pattern, cut the material, mark and sew stuff and finish.  Miss L was bummed when she found out that they sewed the ears the backwards way, but K said that she was quite delighted with it.  

What's up next?  Her required zippered supply pouch for school.  We have to figure out what size of pouch we need and goodness knows we have fabric, so all we have to buy is her zipper.  Since Miss L has an embroidery machine, we may very well be able to give her a wink, wink and even get K's name put on there so the pouch doesn't get snitched.  

K loves sewing and how lucky I am to have a friend willing to teach her!

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