Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I'm never going to be 97 pounds again and I'm okay with that, but . . .

I was 97 pounds when Hubs and I married 16 years ago.  I ordered a size 3/4 dress and had to have it taken in 3" on each side.  I was in college and working two jobs.  Kent is  a campus with bus service, but I found that walking got me to places faster.  When I started college, I lost the freshman 15, I didn't gain it.

Fast forward 16 years.  I am not that 97 pounds.  I'm quite fine with that.  I am, er, many pounds more than that and it would be okay, but I am absolutely telling you that my metabolism is celebrating my milestone birthday a bit earlier than it should.

I think that my metabolism has stopped.  In fact, I dropped my wedding band off at the Mom and Pop jewelers to make my band 1/2 size larger.  I couldn't get it off for about a year and I gave up.  If it was a different ring, I would have cut it off.  Being my wedding band, I was a bit more sentimental.  I was able to get it off and my $20 wedding band cost me $35 to resize it.  Oh well.  I've needed to do it for some time.

I've started doing something I've never had to do-- I'm actually (out of curiosity) counting calories.  You see, before I could do a minor tweak, roll some walking in and voila!  An easy 5-7 pounds would roll off.  Not so now.  My metabolism laughs and adds on a few pounds just to mock me.


We've been walking nearly every night.  We walk about 2 1/2 miles and since glaciation is our friend here in these parts, it is absolutely up and down hill all the way.

I have skirts that are tighter than they were when I bought them.  I didn't buy them with room-to-grow, but they were a little loose.  So sad.  They aren't now.  Pants need pulled up not because they are falling down because of loss, but because they are shimmying because of force.

I'm not really delighted with these changes.

I've been busy taking a hard look at what I eat, how much I eat and when I eat.  Y'all, I spend a lot of time hungry.  My husband would tell me to make sure that I'm eating the right things because I don't want to cannibalize muscle.  I'm with him on that.  I've been paying close attention.

I've also dumped drinking pop (or soda or Coke-- whatever you call it.)  I miss it.  I've come to the conclusion that it is the bubbles, but I've found that my head doesn't have that spacey feel.  I was drinking the dreaded diet pop (or soda or Coke) and it wasn't doing good things for me.

Yesterday, my lunch bag was a little sparse.  :snicker in hunger:  Today I have leftovers of what I made myself for dinner-- whole wheat Israeli couscous with lentils, split peas and orzo, sun dried tomatoes, mushrooms and sweet red peppers.

I've been on the quest to make the waistline smaller.  I've got to change my efforts.  Hopefully, I'll figure it out.

Have a great day!

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Rach said...

Preachin' to the choir here on this one. I'm sorry you're struggling with it too.