Monday, February 11, 2013

Miscellaneous post ahead! This week's menu is a no show. There's a good reason and other fun things you might want to read.

My husband does this.  He decides to go on whacked out, crazy diets.  This one is potatoes and egg whites.  He'll be eating those and I don't have to worry about making him dinner.  This would probably seem pretty sweet so some, but it throws me into weirdness in cooking.

Tonight, while having the strep throat study session with K, I dusted off the pressure cooker and cooked up the frozen chicken breast tenders that I bought from an Amish grocery yesterday.  I threw some carrots in there, got some whole grain noodles rolling and kept everything going while checking math problems.  K and I decided that it would be pasta with pesto night with a side of broccoli slaw salad.  I mixed everything up with the pesto and set it in the oven to bake for just a little while.  I'll be having it for lunch and we'll be having it for Monday night dinner, too.

Meanwhile, Hubs made his potatoes and eggs.  As he was eating, he found that he forgot to wash his potatoes.  He's a little picky about how he likes his eggs cooked, which is why he cooked them himself.

He ran into some dirty tasting bits, though.  Yuck.  Poor guy.

You see, he has resolved to "eat healthier" and to lose some weight.  Admittedly, he and I have put on a few extra pounds since the start of the new year.  Unlike some, we haven't lost it.  It's kind of stressing both of us out, so this new diet of his is more of his Lenten sacrifice.  It's not a bad thing.

We have Ash Wednesday coming up and we have all decided on our Lenten sacrifices.

Hubs-  He'll be giving up evening eating "like a pig" to quote him.  He said he is a stress eater.

K-  She has decided to give up gum.  I admit that she wanted to give candy up altogether, but I did encourage her to give up something that would be sacrificial, but realistic.  She loves chewing gum and though the child gets very little candy, I just didn't see success with that one.

Me-  I won't be eating anything after 7 PM.  It doesn't sound like a big deal, but I haven't had anything since 5:30 PM.  I missed my snack window and decided that I'd start rolling with my sacrifice early.  There is a big grumbly in my tumbly.  I did this last year and it was a good discipline that I continued even after Lent was over.  Obviously, I fell off the wagon with this discipline at some point, though.

Since Smudge is no longer around, we can leave the treadmill up.  Hubs has a TV, DVD player and stereo down in the work out area of our basement.  I have enough to entertain me.  I now need to get on the treadmill and get walking.  The funny thing is that I tried it before and the bounce of the belt made my foot hurt.  I'm going to try in the new Merrell trail running shoes I bought.  If my foot hurts with those (the bounce, not the shoes-- they are great), then I'll switch over to my barefoot Wonder Gloves.  I'll try to resolve that and if my foot hurts, it may on the treadmill regardless and I might just have to deal with it.

Back to the meal thing.  I made Morningstar Chick'n Grillers (I think that is what they are called) and honestly, K hated them.  She even pulled out the, "They taste nasty, Mom," card and she doesn't do that.  I made her help me to finish them and swore that I wouldn't buy them again.

We have a weird week.  Tuesday and Wednesday K goes to the in-law's after school.  Thursday is Valentine's Day (and our 16th anniversary), so I was thinking to crock-pot us a lovely turkey tenderloin.  I have to check that out with Hubs because he may just want a romantic meal of egg whites.  I also have PTA meetings that afternoon that K must attend and studying for tests that night.  Romantic!

We did go to Amish Country on Saturday to celebrate our anniversary early.  Because we're in the midst of trying to tuck some extra money away, we skipped the overnight that we usually try to do at our favorite little inn.  We did have a great time, though.  Here is lovely, but probably not all inclusive list:
1.  K and Hubs checked out the horses as I went into one of the stores.  They came in and told me about the one horse looking like he was talking because he was moving his lips.  Hubs felt the need to fill the lip movement in with a bit of Mr. Ed talk.  They both thought it was the greatest thing.  Of course, the horse was gone when I came out.  No Ed lips for me.  :(
2.  We drove the Yaris and it took 1/2 of the gas of the RAV.  Hubs said that confirms that the Yaris will be our new trippin' vehicle.  Well, except for camping.  Though we pitch a tent and camp without electricity, we don't pack light.  The Yaris would never make it.  We did camp that way in the Tercel once.  That was prior to K.  We also had to sleep in our car one night when a storm rolled through and we had no place to go.  I took the side with the steering wheel and the back seat full of stuff.  I didn't sleep well. Hubs, however, slept better than he had all week!
3.  The breakfast buffet was still up when we got there.  We were all reasonable about the offerings that we took.  It was delicious.
4.  We enjoyed walking through the antique store and seeing that Kool Aid pitcher and cup set that my family saved Kool Aid points for forever to get.  They also still had my old lunch box for sale, but it is all really scratched and banged up.
5.  I bought my dad all kinds of nifty mustard relishes for his birthday.  I realize that this sounds weird, but that's what the man loves.  He needs nothing, so multiple jars of mustard relish he shall get.
6.  We went to an Amish grocery surplus store.  The goal was to see who could find the oldest expiration date.  You see, most of the things in this store are past date.  I have a big issue with dates and admit that most things that hit expiration (with the exception of a few), hit the garbage can.  I did find a pumpkin bread kit, a bag of Ghiradelli chocolates and some Mederma scar cream for that dratted branding incident on my birthday.  (Me vs. my sister's toaster oven door.  The toaster oven won and it was the top of my hand.)  All of my items were in date and cheap!
7.  We drove to visit our favorite antique store, but found that they had closed up shop.  Apparently, they closed October 14th due to the economy.  I found almost all of my Holly Hobbie glasses there. So sad!
8.  As a consolation to the closing, we tried Goodwill.  They had nothing.  We tried the dollar store.  Nothing.   We tried Big Lots.  We hit the mother load.  They had Kashi cereals close to date (some in March) for 75 cents - 1.40 a box.  They also had Quaker Chewy 90 calorie granola bars for 50 cents a box.  (They were close to date, too.)  We came home with 7 boxes of cereal, 4 boxes of granola bars, Veggie Straws, Wasa multi grain crisps and a 5 pound bag of grits (another new thing with Hubs) for $20.00.  Hooray for us!

So there you go.  Tangential.  Miscellaneous.  It's where my brain is at right now.  And laundry.  And a weird story on the news about a horse, false accusations and a car wreck.  :shaking head:

Have a great week!

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