Friday, February 22, 2013

Convulsive dancing, peasant food and my child's new face accessory

1.  I am no better than Elaine.  I was dancing around the house with K today and for the first time, I think that she realized that her mother truly lacks form in dancing.

2.  We had cabbage and noodles for dinner.  I love cabbage and noodles.  My child is not a fan, but she ate them this evening and claimed that they weren't bad.  Either she likes them or she gave up.

3.  I have a near-sighted child.  She came to me the other day and said, "Mom, Mrs. H wrote 'consonant' on the board and I couldn't read it."  Yup.  I knew.  Since today was a conference compensation day, I ran around with her yesterday after school to track down a place to take her to.  I did, secured her the only appointment available today and they were lovely.  Truly, they worked well with her and the eye doctor was delightful.  He did tell me that he knows that kids at this age do want glasses sometimes, but given the testing that they did and a double check, she really did need them and was certainly not faking the part about not being able to see the board.  In two weeks, girlie doo will have two pairs of glasses.  (A pair and a spare since they were slightly cheaper to go with the two pair than the one with the exam cost.)  She's excited and wanted them (like any other excited kid) yesterday.  The update is that she'll have to wear them pretty much all of the time.  We'll get her a couple of cool looking cases.  It's all good.

Swimming starts tomorrow and we have archery, too.  There's an hour gap between and a half hour drive.  We'll be good.  We have an overlap for a few weeks and we're good.

Have a great weekend!


Rach said...

You know, thinking on it, Jess was in second grade when she "needed" glasses because her good friend was getting them. Huh. I thought it was just J, but now, I hear it's a "thing" with some kiddos. Who knew?

K is ADORABLE in her new specs and hooray for being able to see the board! :o)

The Castro Family said...

My little 10 yr old is begging for glasses! I had to buy her a couple pairs of fake ones at Claires!
As a contact/glasses wearer, I keep trying to convince her it's not all that great, but...she's 10. ;)
Check out zenni They have great glasses cheap! It's where we get all ours!

Bailey's Leaf said...

I have to laugh at how many kids do want glasses. When I was at that age, I was none too happy. Later on, we found out that the back of my eye is flat and glasses won't help anyhow. No glasses for me!

But as for K and Hubs, Zenni is certainly something that I've thought about for the future. With K getting her first pairs, I knew we had to rock it out in a store, but thought that the online option is definitely there for the future. I've heard great things about Zenni!