Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Third Grade Guarantee

We're breathing a sigh of relief in our house tonight.  K- passed the Ohio Reading Achievement test enough to qualify for promotion to 4th grade.  It is very sad that this child got so stressed out about a test that could potentially hold her back that she took half of a day off as a mental health day.

Poor kiddo!

She scored above their required score, but just a few points behind where they want the kids to be at the end of third grade.

Considering the massive amount of stress she felt, we think that is awesome!  On a general day, she could do better, but having never seen it before, she did fabulous!

It is sad that it has come to that, though.  It is ridiculous what they put these poor kids through.  The teacher made no mention of the 3rd Grade Guarantee specification and neither did we, but other parents told their kids who were a little free-wheeling with the information.  Between that and the difficulties in math, the kid has been a complete wreck!

She takes the reading test again in April, along with the math achievement test.  About a week ago, the kids had a reading test for the city that took 2 1/2 hours and K- said it was 31 pages long.

Do I need to remind y'all that K- is 8?

I have a hatred for standardized testing.  I know it has its place, but I'm not a fan.  Argh.

:whew with a wipe to the forehead:

That is a hurdle that we've jumped over together.  Now if we could just get that math thing licked!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tales from the Trenches: Don't worry, I'll bend down.

My daughter is growing.

And growing.

And growing.

This is where I remind you that I'm 5' 1".

This morning, I woke up about an hour later than I usually do.  My alarm usually goes off at 6:09 AM with two options to have alarm smack-downs, then up at 6:30.  Since I failed to set the alarm, I did not have that this AM, but with the bus coming at 7:40, we had enough time.  (And I even had to pack lunch!)  I ran down and grabbed K's uniform parts off the line, started packing her lunch and grabbed up breakfast for her.  I was brushing her hair, she popped up to brush her teeth and then she stopped.

She bent down for me.

"Mom, don't worry.  I'll bend down for you."  You see, it's getting harder and harder for me to part her hair without her being seated.

My baby?  She's growing older and taller.


I even bet that she'll be taller than me.  That's okay.  Hubs told her that she'll be 6' 4" (which she won't be) and I'll still be putting her into time out.  All she could do was to laugh.  I told her that I didn't care how tall she was, she just needs to remember that I'm mom.

A short mom.

Have a great day!