Thursday, June 14, 2012

Happy 1000! Like, can you believe it? Like, I can't either!

Considering the fact that this is officially my 1000th post, I reconsidered my post subject, but opted to continue on with it.

I do not claim to practice the fine art of speaking or writing English in any perfect way. I do try, though. A text conversation that Rachael and I were having yesterday has brought us both to a possible frightening realization - we think that Valley Girl speak has returned.

Yesterday, there were a few times when I was assaulted with the overuse of "like." One young lady managed to sandwich it between very few words three separate times. On a different occasion, girls who were excessively giggly and appeared to have not left their high school days despite checking their ID's with credit card purchase and noticing that they were 28 and 30, bantered overuse of "like" back and forth like a volleyball in a game. It was so bad that I had to seriously hold myself back from saying, "Um, like, your total is like $12.51." :insert bobble of head here: I don't know that they would have been disturbed by my useage.

That is what frightens me.

K's 2nd grade teacher may have been a stickler for spelling in a way that somewhat drove me crazy, but she did harp on one thing that I absolutely agreed with. She taught them to use, "More colorful language." The word "cute" to describe something didn't cut it with her.

I think that is fabulous.

I've gotten on K a bit more in regard to her writing. I have continued keeping up with correcting misspellings and certainly will make certain that she doesn't fall into the land of "like." It makes an otherwise intelligent human sound beyond unschooled.

Have you noticed any language weirdness? Don't worry, if you've seen it here, feel free to call me on it.

Reflections on a day of 1000ness:

I have prattled on about happy things, sadness, need for prayer, incidents of my daughter's reflux (eww!), and generally journaled about all sorts of miscellaneous bits of life and yet, y'all continue to come back. Thanks for that!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The dad vs. the mom.

Grocery run with the mom for ice cream nets just 1 half gallon of an agreed upon flavor.

Grocery run with the dad includes 2 ice cream half gallons (one for mom and one for K), a pack of sugar cones, a 20 bag variety of baked chips and a bunch of bananas.

Something tells me that K got a better deal with dad at the wallet.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

She partied like it was 1999.

K had gone to my niece's slumber party yesterday. There was pizza making, cupcake making, swimming, firefly catching, another late night dip in the pool (to rid the kids of bug spray before bed), Smurf punch (yes, it was blue), finally falling asleep at 1:30 AM (her latest ever), and back up at 8 AM to greet my sister with, "Aunt Annie, may I go swimming?" Aunt Annie said that she would be needing coffee first. Kiddo swam all day today and continued to party on.

Girlfriend came into our house at 6 PM and collapsed in an exhausted heap on her floor. It is now 10:06 PM and she is still asleep. She still has her bathing suit on. I figure that she can get a bath in the morning.

K partied it down and had a great time. Happy party exhaustion is not a bad thing. :)

ETA: I did get her up at 11 PM to peel her bathing suit off, have her use the restroom, and to get her into bed. She woke up this morning at 7:30. Now that was one exhausted kid!