Thursday, April 19, 2012

It's amazing when someone actually knows how to cut curly hair.

Fellow curly headed girls will tell you-- not everyone can cut curly hair.  You cannot cut it like straight hair because it isn't straight hair.  If you don't cut curly hair right, you end up with giant Princess Leia-type wads of poofed hair at your ears. 

Y'all, it isn't pretty.

Grant you, it took a few days for my hair to get all happy.  I had tried a different product, she used different products on my hair than I'm used to and on the third day, all was well.  It takes a few days to "chi" (as my sister would say) with new hair anyhow.  Call it a learning curve.

It has taken me 4 1/2 years to find someone to deal with the hair mass that God gave to me.  Properly cut, it takes a lickety split second to spray some water on it, put curly hair gel into it and go. 


I just wanted to share a praise.  It is more of a good thing than I can explain.  Hooray!

"Mom, being a PTA member IS a job."

No kidding.  (My child really did say that to me yesterday when discussing a mom from her class.) 

For the next two days, I'll be eating, breathing and sleeping the Scholastic Book Fair.  Why?  Because I love my friend Kay and when she does get that house built and leaves our land of lovely city public schoolness, she's handing the book fair baton on to me. 

You see, I remember walking through the book fairs when I was a kid.  I remember once, just once, being able to buy something.  I remember that it was a book about free stuff that you could send away for.  Of course, I never considered that we wouldn't have the money for the stamps to get all the free loot that I dreamed of.  I still loved that book.

Whenever K- had a teacher that took part in the Scholastic monthly book fliers (her 2nd grade teacher does not), I always allowed her to pick a book.  I recall that was something we could never do.  Oh, it's not that Mom didn't want to.  We just didn't have the money and certainly not the money for 4 kids to get a book from the book flier or the book fair. 

So, I throw myself into books.  K- has quite an extensive bookshelf.  We started collecting books for our child back when our child wasn't even born.  We used to go to the Goodwill store that was just down the plaza from where we went for our foster parenting classes.  We also added to that collection at yard sales and thrift stores.  When K- arrived, she had full shelves and she couldn't even read!

We could though.

So for the next two days, I'll be knee deep in paper cuts.  That's okay.  I'm slogging through good books for a good cause.  That and my child has a hankerin' to add to her Magic Tree House collection. 

Have a great rest of your week.  Go.  Read!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Being the child of an artist.

K- is an artist's kid.  As such, K- has spent more hours than can be counted at museums and different art events.  This weekend, K- and I went to a local mom and pop shop to see my coworker's senior show.  She wore the dress that she chose at the Goodwill the day before.  It was a crepe, mid-calf dress that was sleeveless and yellow with little flowers.  She had some fabulous silver flip-flop sandals (the ones with the strap and buckle at the ankle) with "diamonds" and the turquoise-esque Fimo beaded bracelet and necklace that we had made earlier in the day.  She presented Miss Carly with a purple iris from our yard, and we discussed the photographs that were on display.  It was a skinny slip of a store, but my coworkers were dazzled by the fact that K- was flipping through the clothing racks along side them, choosing some very interesting styles that she would like mom to wear.  We found out that Matt, another coworker, was involved in a show just down the road and the opening happened to be right after we visited Carly's.  We followed Julia, Michael and Rachael on down to the show and what a show it was.  It was wine bar adjacent, which made me concerned that they wouldn't allow K- in, but since she was the only child in attendance, I think that everyone was stunned that there was an 8 year old on site.  I did see one woman move up to her jewelry lickety split to kind of stand guard, but she heard K- and I discussing what she liked best about it, K- didn't reach out to grab or touch it, then the lady calmed down.  There were ladies with feathers in their hair and in gorgeous dresses, walking around with trays of delicious looking bites.  We didn't take advantage, since being wine bar adjacent, I didn't know if anything had liquor drizzle that K- shouldn't have.  Julia took the lead, K- followed and I pulled up the rear.  It appeared as though we were the only ones checking the art out at that particular point and even took in a moment with the ladies on tall pedestals holding empty frames in front of their faces.  We trouped through the adjoining gallery, gave Matt a wave and off we went.  When we arrived home, K- said, "Mom!  That was fun!  We need to do that again."  It was just us girls out taking in some art.  It wasn't a bad thing.

After K- had shuffled off to bed, I noticed a text on my phone.  It was from Julia.  She said that she had fun.  The text left me stunned.  She went on today to talk with me some more about it.  She said that being with K- was really rather enjoyable.  She and her husband don't have children and admit that they don't particularly care too much for the younger set outside of those directly related to them.  "She was like a little adult."  "Oh, she can be all kid, but she's grown up going to museums, galleries and shows, so they are places that she knows how to function at."  "I'm sure that she can be a kid, but I had a nice time with her.  I loved it that she picked out her dress and everything!"  I think that she was surprised that K- actually looked at the art.

Later on, Matt stopped me.  He thanked me for coming to his show and said that he was surprised to see K-.  "Well, I know that she was the only kid there and I think it stunned a few people, but she knows how to deal with it and I wasn't worried."  I told him that we would attend shows more often, I don't mean to be brain dead about these things, but he has to tell me when he has a function.  "I don't mean it that I need an engraved invitation, but often, I just don't know."  He promised to let me know.

I was thrilled.  I was happy that people were happy to hang out with my kid in an adult setting and that she wasn't that obnoxious kid that people go home talking about.  We've spent many hours looking for hair up the nose of busts, looking to see if we could see sculptures with no bras or underpants on and proving to the docents that no, my child won't be out of hand.  We've looked for paintings with particular colors, fine jewels that we would like to own and to see what suit of armor we would like to wear.  We've checked out furniture, looked at art from different lands and have talked about objects that pre-date Christ.  She is the kid of an artist.  It is a blessing.  I'm sure it can be a curse.  Any way she goes, a little culture sure isn't killing her.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tales from the Trenches: Yellow hello!

The pollen.  Oh dear me.  The pollen.  My vehicle is a lovely red.  Well, it was.  Now it is a yellowish orange. 


My people are taking their allergy meds (thank you God for those) and sometimes pollen is just too much for what the meds can do. 


I understand.

We still do our 2 1/2 mile walk/ride each night.  K- has now started taking the neighbor girl with us, which is a great motivator for K-.  When we have no E-, there is a lot of whining.  I'm glad to take E- any night she wants to go.  Yesterday, we had high winds.  The girls pushed with their little leggins up the big ole fat hills against the wind (yes, you can thank me for that Bob Seger earworm later) and no whining whatsoever.

I do think that they probably slept well.

Hubs and I have found that keeping up with the girls has increased our exercise level and dear sweet love, I was walking like an osteoporotic woman yesterday because my hips, butt and thighs hurt so badly.  Good times. 

My foot started hurting.

We pressed on. 

In other news, I've found plenty of other volunteer tomatoes in the beds.  Of course, I didn't realize what that batch of "weeds" were last night until AFTER I plucked most of them.  Oops.  That's okay.  I left the 1/10 behind that I didn't get in the first swipe and even gave them a lovely watering. 

The seeds that I planted in my greenhouse last week are coming up.  So far, the Marvels of Peru are winning.  I still have portulaca that I seeded sitting on the wait to be transplanted.  Ground cherries, nicotiana and some pear tomatoes are peeking up.  I'm still waiting for the jasper and sweetie tomatoes, as well as the mini bell peppers.  They will all pop up in time. 

Now if you'll excuse me, my bathroom required a bit of a bleach spray down this AM, as the vinegar, baking soda and Bon Ami weren't really going to do the trick on the grout.  Must press on and get it scrubbed before work.

Good day, all!