Sunday, December 9, 2012

I touched hundreds of little faces.

We had our Santa Shop and Winter Wonderland event at the school yesterday.

Sweet Pete, I was tired.

I was the face painter.  I had a few young ladies helping me, but it was primarily my gig.  I had 4 designs for them to choose from.  Still, I had the "but I want a monster!"  "Darlin', you can choose from these different designs here.  Would you like a snowflake, an ornament, a star or a tree?"  "I want a monster."

I was not paid by the hour as a party painter.  I was a free volunteer and happy to do so.  Still, to keep the line moving, I had to be that lady who made them stick to the four designs.  Oh, and I had to have them stick to the one cheek per kid rule.

I would say I was no fun, but I did sing silly songs to kids.  Some were impressed.  Some could care less.  Still, I had my hands all over hundreds of little faces.

The good news is that no one bit me.  :)

I'm preparing to go be the cupcake decorating coordinator at our church.  We're having a Happy Birthday Jesus party and it is me, and me alone, who will be manning the sprinkles and icing.

Lord be with me.

Still, I'm happy to do it and we want the kids to have fun.  We anticipate 70 children, but since we put out over 1600 invites, we're hoping for a lot more.

Frosting knives raised and prayers of patience.  Have a great day!

ETA:  We went.  We enjoy.  We iced, sprinkled, sang and ate.  We ended up with 96 extra cupcakes, so we had the older kids ice and sprinkle the additional cupcakes so that we could put them up for our Family Promise families that will be arriving this weekend.  Something tells me that they won't be in a want for cupcakes any time soon.

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Rach said...

I'm the bad guy so often it's not even funny. You HAVE to set limits. If you don't, things get out of control, as you well knew and recognized.