Thursday, November 29, 2012

One more thing ticked off of the list.

The annual Christmas card is usually ordered and posted by now.  I like to drop them off on the day before Thanksgiving so that they can hit mailboxes on Black Friday.

Not so this year.

We have a different computer configuration since the infamous crash of early fall, so I haven't been able to get tutoring on transferring photos.  The photos are locked into the external hard drive, but tonight's e-mail had me motivated enough to do some investigation on my own.  I figured that the worse I could do was to get a funky screen that would call for my neighbor to come bail me out.

Shutterfly was having a sale, y'all!  There was an extension of Cyber Monday, I had a coupon code that came in K's photo package from school and I had free shipping since my order was over $30.  I cashed in on a savings of $97.00!

You see, I plugged the camera in and touched the computer and told her how pretty she was.  I wasn't brave enough to work with the external hard drive.  I know nothing about it anyhow.

Then photos started popping up.

And it kept going.

It was a program that I wasn't familiar with, but I was lucky enough to have it be pretty easy to navigate.  I was able to transfer all of the photos, they have arranged it in order of date and I transferred the photos that I needed over to Shutterfly.  A photo that would work for our hodge lodge popped up lickety split and I was able to get all arranged and ordered in about an hour and 15 minutes.  (I was being picky, so it wasn't any problem.  I also wanted to check out card options.)

I'm so excited!  I was having a tough time with my cards not being ordered or out.  I'll be able to get them addressed quickly and out in the mail when they arrive.


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Rach said...

I find that the majority of the programs on your new computer are INSANELY user friendly. I LOVE the photo program! I put in my SD card and the photos are downloaded and easy to find by "event". Cant' get batter than that! :o)