Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Math, Guatemala, the boat anchor and one hot mess.

Math: I am happy to report that K got a C+ on her latest math test! Of course, that was only after I ended up at K's school before classes started and accidentally cried because K got a zero on a math quiz and was so upset about it and that we took her out of the after school program that she vomited. She's going to the math tutor everyday now. We're looking at a D for math on her report card, but she has worked so hard for it. Everything else is all A's and one B. The sad thing is that she will not get merit roll because of the D and that will make her sad. Next time.

Guatemala: There was guy who came into work last week and after putting all pieces of the story together, I've found that he asked several of us to travel with him to Guatemala over the Christmas holiday. We were giggling about it yesterday.

The boat anchor: That would be what our neighbor is falling the computer. He said that he's seen nothing like it. They still have it Geek ICU, but we don't have much hope.
One hot mess: That would be the hurricane-force winds that we're dealing with. We've hit 75 MPH winds and all schools are closed. They talked about closing where I work. "But it's just some wind," I said. Yup. Wind and rain that closes tons of stuff. K is happy. She gets to go hang with her cousins today.

That's my lame update. Typing big paragraphs with the Kindle is difficult, especially with auto-correct. You never know what auto-correct will give. :s

Hang onto your hat today!

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Rach said...

We're all safe and well here. Keep me posted!