Saturday, August 11, 2012

Levies, voting and irritations.

Earlier in the week, there were some levies up for vote.  There were several school levies that were voted down.  That's unfortunate, but the State of Ohio has been under mandate for quite some time to restructure how it funds the schools.  Levies with property tax (if my understanding is correct) are technically illegal with how to fund the schools, so while I always vote for the school levies, there are those who don't and perhaps that is a defense they use.  Alrighty then.

There is a town up north that had a Fire and EMS levy up.  The town which is more township sized, passed the levy, but only by very little.  It was probably something to the effect of 53/47.  It is the land of the McMansion.  For those who voted the levy down, what exactly do they do if the house catches fire?  Do they just pull out the garden hose?  What do they do if they are in the presence of someone in cardiac arrest?  Do they pull out two irons, rub them together and hope for a jump start?  No.  They call 911.  They call 911 knowing that the folks will come with the trucks and the hoses and do their best to minimize damage despite voting down the very levy that would fund them.  If the folks wouldn't come or would do as one fire agency did when the fire bill wasn't paid (let the house burn down), they would sue them.  (I would have rather that they put the fire out on the house that burned, but the firefighters were not permitted to do so.)  They would sue them because they chose not to support them and yet, they still believe that these people should be at their beck and call. (No, the folks with the house that burned down because they didn't pay their fire bill did not sue.) 

We're facing the same with EMS.  They are dealing with people in life and death circumstances.  Levy passages allow them to upgrade equipment and pay for staff to come when you call.  If you vote no, sometimes their call is delayed due to staffing and closures and you or your loved one is left hanging until they can get there. 

I just don't get it.  People not supporting those who come running each time we call.  Makes absolutely not a lick of sense to me. 

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