Wednesday, June 27, 2012

While the kitten's away, the cat will . . . clean.

My little kitten stayed overnight at Grandma and Grandpa's house.  Kitten K- will be riding the scenic train with Grandma today and since boarding was early, Grandma said that she needed her for an overnight.  That thought made a lightbulb glow-- I can finally plow through K-'s room!

(Isn't it sick how we think to spend our free time?)

K- wasn't home and Hubs had to work late.  I made a call to my favorite Chinese food joint (China food, as K- used to call it), ordered up Teriyaki Chicken with no onions thankyouverymuch and flew on past to pick it up on my way home.  Being certain to ask for my chop sticks (pork chops to K-), I split it in half (for lunch today), dug my sticks in, ate, got a can of Coke and started on my mission. 

Overall, I was pleased with how the new organization has gone with the American Girl belongings.  Girlfriend has far more shoes than probably K- and I combined (neither of us have tons.)  I tidied that up a bit, stripped and changed the bed, swept out the headboard cubby (broken crayons, tiny bits of whatnot and nothing that amounted to anything), filled it with a pillow pet, K- - The American Girl version and her Linus (the security blanket that can occasionally still come out), then onward to the biggest bone of contention- the book case.

My child has a love for books.  That is an incredible thing that I really don't like to argue about.  Each night, I try to clear the books away from her bed before I go to bed.  Still, I miss a night or two and wake up to a loud thunk in the middle of the night.  No intruders, just K-'s books hitting the floor.  The other night, I came to check in on her and she literally was asleep inside of a Big Nate book.  Her head was between the pages and she was sleeping on the back side.  I had to pull her head out of the book.  She takes books everywhere and like Rory Gilmore, generally has a book in her bag with her.  Still, her romantic nature for all of these books had led to a book shelf that had run amok in a way that was just a crime.  I cleared the shelf for probably an hour and a half with books flying and now, dare I say it, I have some spare space for the books that I know are with her (she took 3 Big Nates to Grandma's) and the miscellaneous books that might be squirreled away in my car. 

I'm onward to the desk.  Sitting here, I can't really determine which is worse-- the book shelf or the desk.  The desk is all kinds of tiny pieces and parts of bits of things.  That one may win.  Until then, I have an hour to hang laundry and to find a kid's desk.  Wish me luck.

Have a great day!

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