Friday, May 4, 2012

When the stink is so bad that you have to break out the good incense.

Y'all, I made dinner for my in-laws last night.  I made steamed broccoli then did what everyone hates to do-- I steamed the pot dry.  I caught it in time for the broccoli to be fine and even saved the pan. 

My Lord, the stink. 

I came in the house today from one of my three volunteer trips to school (a long day) and my house smelled like a garbage dump.  Between the broccoli being steamed (stink #1) to the burnt pan (stink #2) to the meat wrapper left in the garbage (stink #3), I had to break out the Root Tangerine Lemongrass candle and the good incense.  One candle and two sticks of incense have basically made it go away.  It is still hanging in the basement, so I'm going to burn a stick of incense down there.  Sweet love of all, don't want my house stickin' to the high heavens.  Sheesh.

In other news that isn't so nostril offensive, bread at the bread store (Hostess/Wonder thrift) went up exponentially. The sales clerk warned me when I went in to be certain that I was checking prices, since things had changed.  Redline box cakes went up from $1.00 - $2.00.  Loaves of bread that I buy for us (while on sale today only) went up to $1.99 and they are usually $1.00 a loaf.  (Regular retail is $4.00/loaf.)  Mom asked about 3/$1.00 cakes.  Those don't exist any longer.  They are now 4/$2.00.  Inflation I get, but having things increase by 100% is kind of ridiculous. 

Dunlap, the resident goldfish, has officially taken the dirt nap.  He has been replaced by Rainbow Fish, the male Betta fish.  It is nice to skip the hum of the bubbler in the tank.  For now, he appears to be happy and alive-- both things necessary in a fish to keep an 8 year old happy. 

For now, my husband is home about 2 hours early.  Have a great day!

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ChupieandJ'smama (Janeen) said...

Oh I hate that smell! I made something the other night (can't remember now what it was... preggo brain) and my house STANK the next day. Luckily having the window open knocked it out.
Good luck with the new fish. We had our Betta 2 years before he went tail up.
Have a wonderful weekend :)