Monday, May 7, 2012

I chased after a customer . . .

To all who commented about my sandal quandary, thank you.  I truly appreciate your feedback. 

I had a group of ladies come into the gallery today.  I was talking with Julia, a lady walked by, I looked down and it was as if God came down, made her shoes glow with flashing neon arrows and I followed after her.  I apologized for following her, but asked if I could ask about her shoes.  She was very kind to share the information and to say, "I bought them in February, so you'll be glad to know that they are current shoes!"

Praise GOD!!

I went online on my Kindle (everyone else can smoke and I don't, so I used "my smoke break" as a quick way to look the shoes up.)  What she had on were Merrell Wonder Gloves.  They are a delightful Mary Jane shoe that go by the theory of barefoot walking.  (Think of the toesy shoes, but these are without the junk crammed between the toes.)  I came home and did a bit of research.  I was sad to see that they are price locked, not subject to any discount anywhere and they aren't at any store within a 20 mile radius, so I did go ahead and order them online.  I bought them from, because they have free shipping both ways, free returns/exchanges and a 365 day guarantee.  I'm curious to see how my currently aching metatarsal will take to the barefoot structure.  I had a city-wide PTA recognition dinner to attend this evening and while I had a cute dress to wear (thrift for a dollar + free alterations from a friend, thankyouverymuch) I had nothing to wear for "legal footwear."  I didn't wear my Teva mush flip flops all day, but I wore them for an hour this AM (had a meeting) and for 2 hours this PM.  Between that and the line of thunderstorms that will be with us for the duration of the evening and early morning hours, my little toe metatarsal joint is speaking to me in aching tones. 

They aren't here yet, but I'm hopeful.  I'll get back to you, as I'm sure that you are sitting on the edge of your seats for this one.  And, for whatever it is worth, I never pay full price for shoes and never pay that much for my shoes at all.  We do not, however, wear cheap shoes in our house.  We'll wear thrift duds, but none of us can rock cheapie shoes.  I discussed the price with Hubs (I did tell him about the Vibram sole) and of course, he was good with it.  He knows that I'm in a shoe bind and wear my shoes for years and years anyhow.  Still, UGH!  I felt so bad! 


Rach said...

Hooray for finding shoe potential--even if you DID have to chase down a customer to do so. Hee hee!

I've been SO intrigued by Vibrams (not just the soles, but the toesy shoe things) and have seen them all over of late. I sincerely think I need a pair even if they do squick folks out. I can't help that. Everything I've seen and read about them sounds so wonderful--this coming from the original barefoot girl. ;o)

So, yeah, that was random... ;o)

ChupieandJ'smama (Janeen) said...

I have an older pair of Merrells. I love them. They are really comfortable. I also buy Merrells for the kids for school shoes. They are really supportive and comfortable shoes. Hope they work for ya!