Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cotton candy, Elementary Match Day and a Star Wars store

This morning I went to school to do a final update on the 100 Book Challenge board, do the final book pass of the year and scoodle on out.
So was not in the cards for me.
Patty greeted me in the hallway with a big smile. Drat. I forgot that it was cotton candy day for Field Day tomorrow.
Double drat.
I hadn't eaten breakfast before I left since I thought that it was going to be a quick run. I did bring a Diet Coke with me. Hallelujah.
I thought that cotton candy would be a lickety-split thing.
It wasn't.
Y'all, I had cotton candy in my hair. I walked down the hall with the sticky feet sound. A big hunk of pink was stuck to the bottom of my pant leg and Mr. B was laughing at the hunk stuck to my shoulder. My clothing is now in the laundry. My shoes will hit the laundry tomorrow.
It was Match Day and K got into the class that we wanted. The teacher is lovely, thorough and firm, but loving. Hooray!
I was talking to K's substitute about when the next math test is and turns out that it is going to be tomorrow! The test is on counting money and while she knows denominations, she hasn't been the greatest with counting out on a long run. (Different combinations to make the same amount.) Hubs decided to prep her by having a Star Wars Store. He tagged figures with prices, had K pull out her pig to count money and make change from. They did that for nearly an hour. What a nice dad!
Hubs has been battling a major sinus infection that has also scored him lovely antibiotics that has a horrible headache as a side effect. I feel bad as I know that he has felt kind of like a steaming pile. He even missed K's soccer on Sunday and he knew that he would miss her last game this week. That alone said that he was feeling rotten.
Because I know that she has been generally MIA this week blogwise, I wanted to let you know that Rachael is holding together okay and just needed to take a bit of a bloggy break this week. I assure you that I have e-mailed and texted her multiple times daily. She has truly loved all of the bloggy love that I've been able to pass on to her from all of you during this past week. It was the love lift that she needed from her friends. Thank you all for being so kind!
Okay, so this isn't completely monumental or anything, but I did at least figure out coding to at least try to give paragraph separation. It isn't perfect, but it is better!
ETA: Rachael is updating! My sidebar didn't update because the private status must disable that feature! Hooray for Rachael's updates!


Rach said...

I'm blogging! I promise! I think because I've gone private for the time being it won't update on your sidebar that I have. :oS

I can't believe all the cotton candy y'all spun. Man.

Tell Hubs I'm pulling for him to get ALL better. Tell K I'm praying for her for her test tomorrow. Money's tricky. I LOVE the idea of the Star Wars store. BRILLIANT! :o)

ChupieandJ'smama (Janeen) said...

I hope hubs feels better soon! J woke up this morning with a head full of gunk and I'm hoping it's sinus drainage due to the rain and not an infection (which it usually turns into).
I would think the cotton candy would be fun at first but covered in it? Not so much.
Glad that K got the teacher she wanted!!