Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Weirdness and grossness and generalized rambling.

Poor Rachael.  She was getting play-by-play texts of yesterday. 

1.  The woman with the child that needed to use the facility.  Now, I understand that little boys have different bits with which to do their thing.  However, I couldn't help but to NOT hear a flushing toilet or running water whatsoever.  When they cleared the area far enough, I went to check the status of the bathroom.  Ah yes.  Little man had peed ALL OVER the toilet seat, had NOT flushed and had also not washed the very hands that was handling all that action.  I closed the door, wiped everything up (because I get paid to be a bathroom attendant, of course), washed my hands thoroughly and went on with my day.

2.  Fashion choices that people make might seemingly be impressive, but when rocking them with a bleach blonde mullet and Sarah Palin glasses, it nullifies the whole thing. 

3.  I understand that interior fermentation happens to us all, but I swear that the air was beginning to turn green yesterday.  Wow.  When people need to let off a bit of steam, so to speak, outside is your best bet.  Yikes.

4.  Please discontinue any use of the word "cute."  K-'s teacher is teaching them that they need to use "more creative words" and K- will correct you when she thinks that you have used an overused descriptive word.  Perhaps I should have her be gallery police for a while. 

Onward to other things.  When I called K- for the after school check-in yesterday she said, "Mom, I have to tell you the BEST news!  I got to be a lunch monitor today for Mrs. S-'s class.  I had to stand to eat, but that was okay.  E- helped me, but I had her follow in the back to make sure that no one talked.  I told her that she could tap them on the shoulder and tell them to be quiet please.  When we dropped the kids off, Mrs. S- let us pick out a treat!"  Now, sweet child of mine, has looked forward to the opportunity of becoming a lunch monitor since she was in Kindergarten and had a lunch monitor.  Apparently the principal chose her and E- because the older kids are busy doing the state mandated ridiculous testing of the OAA.  She was so excited!

My child was running a touch behind because she was all wrapped up in reading a book.  I realize it is weird to list that as a positive thing, but the kid was so engrossed in her book.  I kind of think that is fabulous, when you get past the fact that we had to dash through the neighbor's flower bed and back down another man's driveway to get to the bus stop. 

K-'s teacher is retiring this year.  I talked to the art teacher who is being kind enough to incorporate my end of the year idea into a workable art project for the kids to do in class.  I have cut 5" x 5" squares of white canvas for the children to decorate.   Then, I'm going to smile real nice like at my friend Laurie to see if she would be willing to sew the squares into some type of foldable wall hanging/blanket/keepsake.  She's a tough cookie and I'm thinking that whatever it is that I do will be appreciated, but I question whether it will be kept.  Asking for a monetary donation from the children is a bit sticky since they just asked for a $3.00 end of the year donation for activities.  Many of our families just don't have it, so I wanted each child to be involved, but to also not ask for funding.  I also knew that to send the squares home would likely result in 1. Mrs. B- finding out and 2. many wouldn't return anyhow. 

So, there is my rambiliciousness for now.  Hope that you have a grand day!

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Rach said...

Oh your texts kept me well entertained yesterday! No worries. :o)

K is having all sorts of goodness of late, no? Happy girl!

The gift? It will be kept and appreciated, tough cookie or not. My mom kept a HUGE paper mache giraffe her kids made for her one year. Another gift was a monster (6'x4') grid art the kids had made. Both were spectacular and we had them for YEARS. The wall hanging is so much easier. :o) Super duper idea!