Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tales from the Trenches: Yellow hello!

The pollen.  Oh dear me.  The pollen.  My vehicle is a lovely red.  Well, it was.  Now it is a yellowish orange. 


My people are taking their allergy meds (thank you God for those) and sometimes pollen is just too much for what the meds can do. 


I understand.

We still do our 2 1/2 mile walk/ride each night.  K- has now started taking the neighbor girl with us, which is a great motivator for K-.  When we have no E-, there is a lot of whining.  I'm glad to take E- any night she wants to go.  Yesterday, we had high winds.  The girls pushed with their little leggins up the big ole fat hills against the wind (yes, you can thank me for that Bob Seger earworm later) and no whining whatsoever.

I do think that they probably slept well.

Hubs and I have found that keeping up with the girls has increased our exercise level and dear sweet love, I was walking like an osteoporotic woman yesterday because my hips, butt and thighs hurt so badly.  Good times. 

My foot started hurting.

We pressed on. 

In other news, I've found plenty of other volunteer tomatoes in the beds.  Of course, I didn't realize what that batch of "weeds" were last night until AFTER I plucked most of them.  Oops.  That's okay.  I left the 1/10 behind that I didn't get in the first swipe and even gave them a lovely watering. 

The seeds that I planted in my greenhouse last week are coming up.  So far, the Marvels of Peru are winning.  I still have portulaca that I seeded sitting on the wait to be transplanted.  Ground cherries, nicotiana and some pear tomatoes are peeking up.  I'm still waiting for the jasper and sweetie tomatoes, as well as the mini bell peppers.  They will all pop up in time. 

Now if you'll excuse me, my bathroom required a bit of a bleach spray down this AM, as the vinegar, baking soda and Bon Ami weren't really going to do the trick on the grout.  Must press on and get it scrubbed before work.

Good day, all!

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