Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tales from the Trenches: We survived this one.

Y'all, it hit 25 degrees last night.  Well, it really probably hit lower, since that was the temperature at about 7 AM.  Hubs did dances with sheets with me and I think we may have pulled it off.

I think that the butterfly bushes may live to see another risk of frost.  I do believe that will be Thursday and Friday night.

Why are we so crazy about the running of the sheets?  Many years ago, we had a delightful tulip tree in the back yard.  We planted it, as it had been a gift from Hubs' parents to us one Easter.  She sat there (her name was Bethany) and did nothing for 4 years.  I mean, she got some leaves, but she just sat there.  There was no outward growing.  It hit about 4 1/2 years after and Bethany took off like a rocket!  She was getting so big that I had to trim a few lower branches.  She was about 6 years old when the May 26 hard frost hit.  I came out and all of the tulip tree's greenness was wilted. 

They dried up that day.

They fell off the following days.

Then she started to re-leaf.  Hubs' comment was, "Oh no!  It's leafing out on next year's leaves.  That is it.  The tree will die."  "Nah!  It's doing great."  It seemed to be.  Then the leaves started wilting.

And they dried.

And they fell off.

And she died.


So, dances with sheets?  It works for us!  How did you fair during this cold snap?

Have a great day!

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