Saturday, March 3, 2012

Rambling to keep myself from the pile I have that needs cleaned up.

I've been giving my bedroom much attention today.  I washed and folded clothes all day.  (I watched two movies while doing it, which is probably a part of the time.)  I had clean clothes, but a couple of piles that needed tended to.  I had some things that were folded, but in fits of tiredness, I put them back in the basket back and forth a few times and that brought them to the state of unfolded again.  I washed our tennis shoes.  K- tossed a blanket in.  There were sheets and towels.  I got much done. 

Here's a tip!  I can't recall if I mentioned that the IKEA shopping bag is excellent for laundry hauling, is soft when you clock the wall with it and you can't put folded clothes into it really well.  It's my recent method of laundry hauling.  I love it so much that when we go back to IKEA, I may need to make certain to buy another bag just for laundry purposes. 

Then there is our desk.  Well, I should claim it as mine.  My big ole mess.  Y'all, it has lopped on over to the floor.  It has gotten bad.  The PTA ate my desk.  And it ate portions of my floor at this point. 

I have been sitting on my floor and doing the pitch.  There are many things that frankly, we don't need.  Do you ever get to cleaning an area of your house that you question why you kept something to begin with?  Yup.  I'm there.  Right there.  

Here's a sunshiny thing!  In a bag of death that Hubs created, I found a necklace that has been missing since August.  (He assumes that once it goes into a bag, it will be dealt with.  The bag only houses the items permanently and keeps it from view, silly boy!)  I bought a necklace at our annual sale at work, traded it up with the one that I was wearing and I've never seen it again.  I knew that I had carefully placed it into a jewelry zip lock bag.  I knew that I put it into my lunch bag.  I knew that though I didn't pay it for it, it was a $70.00 necklace.  Bezel set.  Anodized aluminum blue round with drilled "dots" and sandwiched in the bezel between a silver set and a quartz cabochon.  To most people, they probably didn't know why it was so much money and that was why I was able to purchase it for a song.  I was just thinking about that necklace the other day.  It makes me happy that she is back.  It was a lot of work for the gentleman to make (no, I don't recall his name) and I was getting upset that it had gone.  Hooray!  She has been resurrected from the bag o' death! 

Another happy thing?  Hubs yelled from the living room that a Pink Floyd special is on VH1 Classic.  Oh how I love Pink Floyd!  We saw them once.  Being tangential and all, I'll share that we went to see Pink Floyd maybe in 1994 at Cleveland Browns Stadium.  (Has since been replaced and I can't recall the new name of the stadium that has yet to inspire play-offs as it was assumed to do.)  At any rate, I was so sick.  I was bordering on pneumonia.  My parents offered to buy the tickets from me to keep me from going.  I declined.  When would I ever get to see them again?  Turns out, I don't think they've come back.  I can say that they were worth every penny spent and though I recall it being a might chilly, we had a wonderful time. 

K- kept herself good and occupied today.  I enjoyed seeing her flit from thing to thing.  She'd play with her Barbies for a while, she'd tidy those up and move on to Play Doh.  She tidied that up and started playing with her magic kit.  She set tables up, made tickets, issued money and put on a show (with intermission.)  She made bracelets.  She used her knitting machine.  She watched some morning cartoons, turned the TV off at 9 AM, but expressed interest in watching a program later.  I let her do that, she turned the TV off at 12:30 PM and didn't ask for it to come back on again.  My TV addicted child (not my fault) kept herself occupied and happily so all day.  She talked with her dolls.  She talked with the bits in the magic kit.  She came back and forth and hugged me all day.  It was a good day.

Today, K- had a jammie day.

Today, I had a sweat pants day.  I do not wear sweat pants.  I have yoga pants for exercise.  Since I haven't really exercised much in a while, I'm truly a jeans girl.  To see me slopping around in painty sweat pants, you knew I wasn't going anywhere.

And we didn't.  We stayed here.  I stepped out to get the mail and to retrieve the remainder of my Diet Pepsi.  (It was in a bottle with a lid.  It didn't lose its fizz or caffeine.) 

It was a nice day.  It'll be even nicer when I get rid of this moat of crap that I have piled on the floor.  Pardon me, as I can't roll the computer chair back for fear of rolling over Mt. St. Crap.  (No, it isn't of hoarder status.)

Have a lovely night!

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