Monday, February 20, 2012

Sometimes you just have to scratch an itch.

I admitted to all of you the other day that the itch to plant was driving me crazy.  I mean, if we had 2' of snow like we have in years past and I had fallen on my butt a time or two, I would have still been all about being snuggly under the blankets.  This winter has truly yet to occur.  (I'm partially fine with that, as I was worried about falling and re-breaking my foot anyhow.)  At any rate, I couldn't stand it any longer and chose to raid the shed, hit Lowe's for some dirt and get to work.
The window has been stripped, cleaned and reset. 

I was able to plant the pineapple sage that has been rooting since October, as well as the thyme (in the galvanized pot), the cactus hit dirt and I found some dormant starts for Echinacea and Birdfoot Violet (on clearance at Lowe's, don't know what it is like, but we'll try it.)

Though not the clearest photo, I thought that my Venus Flytrap was no longer trapping and had long gone for dead (it was black, y'all), but apparently, it went dormant and had some green popping out of the middle.  Any fluctuation in temperature makes it angry, I think, but I've got it back in the warm and sunny window.  We'll see how it goes.  The kids did love feeding it this year.

I've planted zinnias and portulaca in my little seedling greenhouse.  Since the flowers that I plant always take a month or more to flower, I figured that I would start them a month ahead of when I usually do.  Perhaps then, I will have outsmarted the growing and will have flowers when I go to plant.  The seeds from the portulaca were ones I saved from last year (here's to hoping that they work) and the zinnias were one of those box mixes that you sprinkle on the ground.  I'm hoping that both work out well. 

I was sad when I looked Baker Creek seeds up and saw that they did not have the little cherry tomatoes available that I usually buy.  While I won't start those for another month, I did buy two different organic packages from Lowe's.  I'm sure that given the amount of tomatoes that fell when my foot was broken, I'm sure that there will be at least a sungold volunteer or two out there somewhere. 

It made me sad to see the rain barrell in storage on the table in the shed.  Soon enough, we'll get it hooked back up again and we'll be growing more beautiful things. 

Have a great day!

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Rach said...

Oo oo oo! You have green things. You have planted!! I'm jealous. :o)

Lil and I are planning. It's time to get out and clean the beds out and plant the peas lettuces. I'm SO excited!