Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy 15th!

Remember, this was taken in 1996.  We look soooo much younger then!
Happy 15th Anniversary, Hubs!  I still laugh when I remember the first thing you said to me, "How much for that book?"  You sat behind me that day in Climatology.  You were majoring in Conservation and I in printmaking.  Those were the days when you scheduled by phone with codes and open slots of time and whatnot.  I wasn't quite senior enough to get my true pick of what I wanted, so I started pushing numbers into the phone until something clicked.  I needed upper level division credit and Climatology didn't seem so far fetched.  In fact, on my way to the university, I was torn between art and geology.  Though I chose art as a major, I'm glad that I won the Climatology lottery.  What's funny is that you had been taking Climatology the previous semester.  You said you dropped it even though you were doing just fine.  How's that for weirdness?

Our first somewhat date was a run to the mall between classes.  It wasn't the most romantic date since we were kind of rushed.  You were so distracted that you kept forgetting to stop at red lights and kept sitting through green ones.  Isn't it weird what love can do? 

Our first actual date involved you coming down with the stomach flu, mid-date.  It only seemed appropriate then that our romantic 15 year anniversary weekend was postponed due to the same from you and K-. 

I wasn't the easiest nut to crack and bless you, I have no idea of why you hung out.  I had dated a few guys, was more than burned by both and definitely wasn't that fluffy, starry eyed girl that most guys look for.  I figured that I'd spill it, give you the low-down and if you wanted to stay, that was up to you.  I wasn't in for investing time with someone who had other weird intentions. 

You stayed. 

For 18 years.

And counting.

Thanks for putting up with me, my quirks and hanging out with me regardless to the fact that I still turn left when you tell me to go right.  (Directional dyslexia if there is such a thing.)  "Your right or my right?"  You still follow along right next to me, even if we do have to take a detour along the way to get back. 

I love you.


Rach said...

Happy 15th, folks! I love the story--it brought a HUGE smile to my face. :o)

(I have a bit of directional dyslexia myself and I too say, "Your left or a Rachael left?" Hee hee!

Michelle said...

Happy 15th anniversary to you both and many many more years to celebrate!

ChupieandJ'smama (Janeen) said...

Hope you both had a wonderful 15th year anniversary! Wishing you many, many more!!