Saturday, January 21, 2012

"Wolf," cried the meteorologist.

Once again, the meteorologists were saying, "4-6 " of snow."  What we got in a combined snowfall over two days was probably 4".

Me thinks that the predictions were a hair off.

Here's the thing, we sit in a weird spot.  We're not in the snow belt, but in a band where we can get clobbered by snow.  We get clobbered when storms come up from the south.  In fact, I really only heed the snowstorm hysteria when the words, "Panhandle hook" are uttered or something to the effect that the weather system will not be coming from the west.  When it comes from the west, it is a crap shoot.  When it comes from the south, it is generally dead-on.  People were rushing to the grocery over this one and honestly, I steered far away.  We had enough and we weren't going to starve.  Besides, even if it was 4-6 actual inches, that's really no big deal anyhow.

The roads got a little crappy, but I've certainly driven in worse.  The first year I was driving, I had to drive home in a blizzard from the grocery store that I worked at.  My car was a 1979 Camaro that was rear-wheel drive and was sporting a very heavy drivers side door that decided that on that very night, it didn't want to latch.  I was stuck driving home in snow that I had never driven in while holding onto the door for dear life.  I made it and my dad taught me how to flip the interior latch with my hand.  Still, way worse than current driving conditions. 

So I sit, a little disappointed by the measurement of current precipitation that we've managed to accumulate.  :(  I need feet of snow right now.  A good 18" or better snowfall is what I really long for.  Since the weather can't decide what it wants to do and is supposed to be sailing back up to 44 melting degrees F on Monday, we'll just have to enjoy what we have.

Until the snow melts . . .

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Rach said...

You enjoy that snow for me since it's far more than we're likely to see this year. :o(

We're with you on getting clobbered from the south. From the west is a crap shoot.