Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Tooth Fairy needs you! Foreign coin ID, please.

Our tooth fairy is an international traveler.  As such, she leaves K- foreign coin when she flies by for a tooth pick-up.  These coins were earned by the tooth fairy with a little help from a friend's mom that works at a zoo.  The zoo's fountain gets filled with coins and some of it is foreign.  Since I try to help the tooth fairy out from time to time, I've been put to task to identify the country of origin of these coins before the tooth fairy distributes them to K- for her lost teeth.


1.  Says something to the effect of Confederatio Helvetica.-- SWITZERLAND!
2.  Looks potentially Russian.
3.  and 5.  Looks potentially Russian. 
4.  Says Deutschland on it. -- GERMANY!

She's gotten a Euro, money from Turkey and pence from Scotland.  With the snaggle toothy front tooth that is twisting and just dangling there (I've encouraged her to pull it, but nope), she'll be enjoying some money from Panama.  I also have money from the Bahamas. 

Lend a hand to the tooth fairy, will you?  Thanks!

Aunt Donna update:  She had a mammogram which labeled the spot on her breast as a "mass" and it needs biopsied.  Though she was originally denied surgery for the rectal tumor, she now is cleared by the cardiologist.  (Calcium deposits on her heart.)  She has a spot on her lung, but goodness knows what that is.  Honestly, it sounds as if she has the small cell lymphoma that my grandma had and it has cropped up in several places.  I know that they said that the colon bit is precancerous, but other things have cropped up and it doesn't seem like dots are connecting to me.  Her request is that we pray God's will for her life.  She is a Christian and said that she is good with whatever God's will has for her.  Bless her calcium deposited heart.

ETA:  The dangling tooth de-dangled while I was out visiting with my aunt.  K- was so thrilled that she gave me a call to let me know. 


ChupieandJ'smama said...

Prayers going up for Aunt Donna. I admire her attitude.
I can't help with the money, but that's a really cool idea :)

Bailey's Leaf said...

Thanks. We only employ the funnest tooth fairy. ;)

Thanks for the prayers about Aunt Donna.

Michelle said...

Yep, #4 is from's a pfenning, which is like a penny. Although they don't use them anymore since they have the Euro now.

Continued prayers for your aunt!