Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Aunt Donna and better news.

First, Aunt Donna's test results stunned her doctors and the nursing staff on the ward that she is on. 

Her test results came back as PREcancerous.  The doctor who did the colonoscopy came up to her himself to announce the results.  The nurses were so stunned that they bought her balloons.  Her primary care doctor was shocked. 

The power of prayer is a good thing.

Her primary care doctor told her that she will be able to go through surgery.  He anticipates that she'll be okay with it.

Now, onward to other news.  Her scan came back showing a spot on her right breast and one in her lung.  The primary care physician is keeping those on watch, as he thinks that the spot on her breast may be a calcium deposit (Grandma Gum had that) and that the spot on her lung may be asbestos?  That sounds concerning to me, but her doctor, who makes no bones about letting her know if he is concerned, is okay to sit and watch. 

Her roommate is dreadful, but my aunt is taking it in stride. 

The nurses absolutely love her and she makes them laugh.  It's a good thing to be a blessing.

So, we're praying.  We're being thankful.  We're being cautious.  Thanks for praying.  Keep up the good work!


Rach said...

Praise and prayers of thanksgiving!!!! :o)

Asbestos? As long as it's a small spot, nothing too concerning. It's when it's all over the lungs (asbestosis=bad) that you have to worry. Pawpaw had it. It was ugly.

Hopefully Aunt Donna is home and away from the ucky roommate before you know it.

Michelle said...

Oh continued prayers for good news on your aunt's health!