Saturday, November 5, 2011

Darned that VH1

I've loved Rush since I was in college.  I dated a guy who liked them very much and we listened to them a lot.  Imagine my surprise last night when Hubs, knowing my affection for Rush, said, "Hey!  Rush is on VH1 tonight.  Do you want to watch it?" 

We proceeded to watch it for hours. 

I told him that I knew that I had Rush on something (cassette or CD), but I couldn't remember what.  (Though I knew I had Roll the Bones, since I had just listened to it a few weeks ago.)  "Well, I own them.  I used to own more, but those were the tapes I loaned you in college that ended up all over your car."  I told him that the one guy I dated listened to them and that's where it all started.  "When you broke up, did you return them?"  "He never gave me any of them."  "Well then, he's a smart guy." 

Hubs never did get over the fact that one of the tapes he loaned me, Faith No More- Epic, fell out of my car when it was really cold and literally shattered in the driveway.  I don't know that we've ever replaced it by CD.  (And no, I didn't mistakenly call it a tape.  CDs came out in mass production when I was in college.) 

It brings us to another point of discussion that Hubs and I had.  He is a CD hoarder.  He's organized about it, but dude had our bed specially built (waited 6 months for it) so that he could fit the rolling containers of CDs he has under the bed.

No, I'm not kidding.

He has them carefully arranged by genre, I believe, and padded with pool noodles to keep them from flapping against the side of the box when pulling in and out.  Each is pristinely cleaned, housed and loved. 

Then there is me.

I have stacks of CDs.  I have them in the studio, the living room, the truck and the bedroom.  I listen to a bunch of different stuff (excluding country), but mainly alternative.  Hubs, as part of a birthday gift, took CDs and put them in a lovely binder for me and has them in my RAV.  I have a few CD cases in there, but most of everything is in the binder.

They are not pristinely cleaned.

They are not carefully housed. 

They are loved, but on different levels of love depending upon my mood. 

My CD hygiene has never been in line with Hubs and I think that he would probably claim that is one of the bigger pet peeves about me. 

What I do know is that Rush is now playing on the stereo in the living room.  Where was the CD?  In the Little House on the Prairie episode binder that Hubs gave me last year for Christmas, just where he put it. 

I know I have the case somewhere here . . .

Friday, November 4, 2011

Today's theme is miscellaneous bits of life and stuff.

1.  I dislike Old Navy.  I ordered things online, again, and for the second time I found that their sizing is just not in line with what my child is.  Today, I took the things back to exchange, found that the online regular items are now the store clearance items and I ended up having to spend $11.00 more to get the same number of rather like items.  Argh.
2.  I have left a message with the referral department of the doctor's office.  I'm wondering if Dr. W- can refer me on to a lovely allergist who can figure out this pesky bee thing and to see what generalized "seasonal" allergies I have.  This year, I have been on Allegra D since June.  It's kind of a forever thing, I think.  I sure would like to know what I'm allergic to and if we can, I'd like to try to work that allergyness out of my system.  Words of advice, Janeen?
3.  K- got her health project done.  She had to do a Family Fire Safety Plan and she did a great job.  They had two weeks to do the project and K- really threw herself into it. 
4.  Grades close tomorrow and I'm holding my breath on that math grade.  :turning blue from lack of oxygen: 
5.  I picked my rings up today from the jeweler and whoever worked on them this time to retip the prongs did a better job than anyone ever has.  Truly, I don't recall anyone having tipped all of the tips before.  I only recall them having given attention to the center stone.  My, oh my are they clean! 
6.  I left a note on someones window today about a low tire.  I hope that they were able to get their tire aired back up.  I would hope that if someone saw the same problem with my car, they'd leave me a note.  My car would have thrown an idiot light at me, but I think that this van was pre-tire pressure idiot light.  Still, I hope that they are safe.
7.  My friend called crying to tell me that her niece had stopped breathing 4 times today and that she had prayed and prayed but could I pray, too?  So there I stood in Old Navy while the child was trying on shirts and belting out a prayer for Rachel, Kay and her family.  Turns out that Rachel is holding her breath and passing out.  (I did that when I was three.  Rachel is 8 or 9, but she has Rett's Syndrome.)  She had a seizure and fell flat on her face, if I have the facts right. 
8.  Don, our neighbor, had a great report today from his orthopedic surgeon.  He can ditch the coumadin, walk with the cane, drive himself to the store and get back to some light volunteer work at the church.  Don had his hip replaced three weeks ago and has truly done fantastic. 
9.  I'm tired.  It's amazing how I'm as tired as I was when I broke my foot initially.  Having gotten out of the boot, but being very careful with walking, driving and everyday tasks takes a toll.  I forgot my mid-afternoon 2 Advil snack and I felt it.  (I've only been back to that since I have been de-booted.  In boot, I hadn't taken Advil for quite a while.)  I have to remember that the foot won't be fully healed for another 7 weeks and it is going to take time.  It's just surprising quite how tiring that healing process is. 

It's time for bed.  I have a long day tomorrow.  'Night!

Smiles in my day:
-  K- and her excitement over her project.
-  K- was up and ready well before scatter time in the AM.  This last week has been difficult to get up and out.  Time change is Sunday.  I'm sure that won't help matters at all.  :(

Have a great day!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Samaritan's Purse: Operation Christmas Child

It's that time of year again!  Operation Christmas Child boxes will be collected from November 14-21.  We choose to do the Follow Your Box donation, so that way we can see where our box went to.  Last year, our box was sent to Iraq. 

Need to know drop off locations?  Click here.

Need to know what to pack and what not to pack in your box?  Why lookie here:
What is in our box?  We have a set of marbles and a book on how to play them, a mini bowling set, buildable animals, a slinky, a whoopie cushion (every culture has to think it is funny!), a tic-tac-toe wood board game, a reusable steel water bottle filled with hard candy and suckers, toothpaste, deodorant, floss, a tooth brush, stickers, a paddle ball game, a bar of Ivory soap, a pan flute, a kazoo, a rainbow pencil, a wood peg jumping game, pencils, pens, a highlighter, glue sticks, a pair of scissors (blunt end), a wood ruler, cap erasers, a pencil sharpener, a box of crayons, a box of markers, a box of colored pencils and a set of watercolors.  I still have a tiny space that I can put a compressed wash cloth into.  (The pop-up kind that you buy at the store.)  All of this fits into a plastic latch standard shoe-sized box.  Sometimes I do trim the packaging a little to make it work.  I also work hard at engineering everything into the box so that our kid gets the maximum amount for the space they have.  I like the idea of the plastic latch lid box.  I've always done those and I look at it this way, it is an extra gift that they can reuse forever.

We do our box for boys age 10-14, because that is the area where the donations are the lowest. 

We love doing a shoe box!

Have a great day!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Conversations with Joe.

Joe is a co-worker.  He is the co-worker that is going to bail me out of ceiling and other way high decorating this next week.  I've worked with Joe for years and always enjoy his company.  I can talk to Joe about anything and he usually bellows out his signature laugh that can easily be heard from the next gallery.  A few gems from the last few weeks that have made me laugh:

While trying to center the top of the pink tree I was decorating, I yelled, "Hey, Joe!  I need your help.  I need you to tell me whether this is straight."

"Me?  Straight?"

Well, of course, I laughed and told him that I don't even think about these things I say until after I say them.  Joe is anything but straight. 

When speaking about a friend saying that an individual that we both know, "Has a partner," I told Joe that I was stunned that they thought that.  7 years in art school and almost 14 years of being a gallery rep just didn't add up in my mind that could be possible.  I talked more and more about it and all Joe could say was, "My people don't do motocross."  Alright then. 

He makes dinner and takes cell phone photos of his food.

He laughs when we're listening to folks read things out loud to each other and I very quietly whisper in his ear, "Hooked on Phonics worked for me!"

He was trying to show me exercises today (that I can't do because of the foot) and didn't even mind my climbing on his back to see if he could hold me.  Never mind that we were on camera while we did this.  Don't worry, no one was in the store besides Julia, who I'm sure thought we lost our noodles. 

I'm laughing because at least when we're pulling the long freakin' hours next week with Christmas display, he'll be there to laugh with and make fun of me.  Believe it or not, I'm almost kind of excited to get the displays done with Joe.  I promise that it won't be boring.  It just can't be when he's wearing his lime green frames.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

My husband pulled me in a wagon and my aunt still wants to buy me diabetic orthopedic shoes.

Thursday was trick or treat at my parents house.  I sent K- and Hubs off to go treating with my sister and her clan.  I stayed back, my niece and I talked about funny things, but I still felt left out.  T- and I went trick or treating by car to the neighbor's house.

"Vern, I broke my foot or I would have trick or treated with the family.  :while holding out a trick or treat bag:  May I still have my Cracker Jacks?" 

He smirked and said certainly.  Plunk and in fell my yearly box o' Cracker Jack goodness. 

Friday was my daughter's Halloween parade for school.  I would have walked the parade route, but Dr. W- would hunt me down and beat me with the Aircast that he just sprung me from.  Instead, I hung back at the room and got everything ready for the kids. 

Saturday was our trick or treat.  My sister and her entourage arrived for dinner, then we went off to trick or treat together.  LeAnne and her partner brought their flat bed wagon.  (The sides need replaced and M- hasn't gotten to it yet.  He works and is kind of busy.)  I was going to have them leave it back, but Hubs said that he would haul it.  It only took me hoofing it what would be the equivalent of around an entire city block to have to park and ride.  I was outfitted with the red light saber so that people didn't hit us, and Hubs dragged me for the remaining blocks.  God bless the man.  I'm just not the 97 pounds I was when we married. 

My aunt has insisted on my having new shoes.  She insisted on springing for those for me.  (Not necessary, BTW.)  Since I was dodging the Dr. Comfort catalog in hopes for a wonderful pair of Saucony, Hubs, K- and I went on down to DSW and found these.  Street shoes didn't satisfy Aunt Donna.  She's decided that the diabetic hikers that she wants to buy me are these.  :insert big frowny face:  I love my aunt and that is why I boldly told her, "I will never wear those."  Don't get me wrong, I don't mean to hurt her feelings, but it seems insane to purchase expensive boots for me that will never ever ever ever ever (get that?) be worn ever.  (Just in case you didn't get the first 4 evers.)  The Saucony's were only $47.50 with tax (I had a coupon.)  I thought I got out for cheap and that she would be thrilled.  As we talked, I mentioned that Hubs just bought me new LL Bean hiking boots at the end of the summer and even Aquasealed them.  I explained that hiking boots are all Hubs wears for work and that he takes hiking boots very seriously.  He won't buy cheap for himself and didn't buy cheap hiking boots for me.  She seemed to be a bit more satisfied and almost relieved when she found that I had a new pair of hikers waiting in the wings.  She did make me promise that I would still peruse the fine offerings of specially crafted diabetic orthopedics in the catalog that she sent me home with.

Her heart is in the right place.