Saturday, November 5, 2011

Darned that VH1

I've loved Rush since I was in college.  I dated a guy who liked them very much and we listened to them a lot.  Imagine my surprise last night when Hubs, knowing my affection for Rush, said, "Hey!  Rush is on VH1 tonight.  Do you want to watch it?" 

We proceeded to watch it for hours. 

I told him that I knew that I had Rush on something (cassette or CD), but I couldn't remember what.  (Though I knew I had Roll the Bones, since I had just listened to it a few weeks ago.)  "Well, I own them.  I used to own more, but those were the tapes I loaned you in college that ended up all over your car."  I told him that the one guy I dated listened to them and that's where it all started.  "When you broke up, did you return them?"  "He never gave me any of them."  "Well then, he's a smart guy." 

Hubs never did get over the fact that one of the tapes he loaned me, Faith No More- Epic, fell out of my car when it was really cold and literally shattered in the driveway.  I don't know that we've ever replaced it by CD.  (And no, I didn't mistakenly call it a tape.  CDs came out in mass production when I was in college.) 

It brings us to another point of discussion that Hubs and I had.  He is a CD hoarder.  He's organized about it, but dude had our bed specially built (waited 6 months for it) so that he could fit the rolling containers of CDs he has under the bed.

No, I'm not kidding.

He has them carefully arranged by genre, I believe, and padded with pool noodles to keep them from flapping against the side of the box when pulling in and out.  Each is pristinely cleaned, housed and loved. 

Then there is me.

I have stacks of CDs.  I have them in the studio, the living room, the truck and the bedroom.  I listen to a bunch of different stuff (excluding country), but mainly alternative.  Hubs, as part of a birthday gift, took CDs and put them in a lovely binder for me and has them in my RAV.  I have a few CD cases in there, but most of everything is in the binder.

They are not pristinely cleaned.

They are not carefully housed. 

They are loved, but on different levels of love depending upon my mood. 

My CD hygiene has never been in line with Hubs and I think that he would probably claim that is one of the bigger pet peeves about me. 

What I do know is that Rush is now playing on the stereo in the living room.  Where was the CD?  In the Little House on the Prairie episode binder that Hubs gave me last year for Christmas, just where he put it. 

I know I have the case somewhere here . . .

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Rach said...

B is more along the lines of Hubs, and I'm with you. My van is a death-zone to CDs, and I'm SURE I have the jewel cases *somewhere* in the house...:oS