Friday, October 21, 2011

Winterization of the vehicle has begun!

A few years ago, I did a WFMW about girly winterization.  I'll give a list of my recent accomplishments and my to-do list.

 Wash and wax the RAV.  Done!  I won a wash and wax from the local Toyota dealership when I went to have my oil changed in June.  I had previously scheduled it for July, but K- got sick with that nasty respiratory crud I had and was running 104.2.  I was going to have it done in August, but we had the chipped windshield, the belt scrapping of the paint, the repaint and the time to allow the paint to cure.  The day I dropped the car off for the repaint was the day I was going in for the start of the foot episode.  (I tell you, I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried.)  Fast forward through all that crub and to today.  There was a kind gentleman who for two hours, kindly washed and waxed my entire vehicle.  Y'all, that is no easy task.  I now can put a check mark on the list there, though.
√  He also swept the car and wiped over the inside!
√  My car hasn't been a mama mobile since we came back from vacation and Hubs gave it a good detailing for me.  I went through and picked up a few pieces of garbage from the back, but you'd be proud that it seriously wasn't dirty! 
√  Refilled Purell dispenser in my driver's side door.
√  Wiped windows inside and out.  Again, nice gentle guy did that for me! :)!!
√  Storm blankets are returned to the vehicle.

Things to do:
1.  Tire rotation.  Scheduled for tomorrow.
2.  Storm food and add few bottles of water.
3.  Check windshield washer fluid and put an extra bottle in the back.
4.  Make sure that I have a book to read in the console.  You just never know around here. 
5.  Make sure K- has a book in the back.
6.  A flashlight would be excellent!
7.  Track down the snow scraper and bring it out to be in view.  Snow is around the corner.  My 5th metatarsal tells me so!

I can't think of anything else right now.  Right now, it is 45 degrees F and raining.  It is chilly willie puddin' pie and warmness is not in our future, I'm sure. 

Do you see anything I missed?  Shoot me a comment!  I'd rather know!

Smiles in my day:
-  My awesome free car wash and wax!
-  My Pampered Chef order arrived!  Now I have a simple slicer, a mix and chop and a toaster oven sized stone baker.  (I had birthday money.)  I'm so excited!
-  Dr. W-'s office phoned today to tell me that he has called the orders in to have an x-ray done on my foot before my appointment on Friday.  This way, we can actually discuss my progress rather than just guess about it.  I like being able to meet with Dr. W- so that I can get the full scoop from him, rather than a relayed message from the nurse.  Cross your fingers and toes people.  I'm hoping that this thing is healing. 
-  Having a removable cast that can be flared out in front of the heat vent at night to dry.  Twice this week, my aircast boot has taken on water.  It got damp and a little muddy at soccer, despite my gorgeous purple plastic boot bag.  (Compliments of work.)  Last night, I had kind of a rinse and repeat, except I walked in a puddle that I didn't see.  The top of my foot was dry, but the bottom was soaked.  Yuck.  I'm glad that I can dry it out so it doesn't smell like a dead critter strapped to my foot.  Ewwwww!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Rach said...

Yeah, we just don't have to do that much winterization here. I wish we did, quite frankly. I just love winter. :o) Not the stuck in the vehicle and therefore need the supplies side of it, though.

I think you hit the high points, my dear. Sounds like you and the old RAV are good and ready. :o)

Bailey's Leaf said...

We try. It gets cold and lonely on those backed up Ohio highways.