Tuesday, October 11, 2011

PTA should have a time clock and employment benefits.


Over time.

Sick pay.

Shoot, a time card would be nice.  (Our school is working on that with KeepnTrack.  They are still setting it up.)

At any rate, I have not fallen off the face of our dirt and water covered orb.  I had the walkathon that we did this past Friday.  Of course, I couldn't actually walk (against doctor's orders) and realized today that I won't be able to trick or treat (but Hubs is determined to find something to haul me around and has threatened a wheel chair.  I said I'd rather a wagon.)  That's beside the point.  I've spent the better part of the last two weeks organizing and attempting to get things approved.  Then, Kay (the wonder friend and fellow PTA board member) stayed with me to help count, account and deposit the $10,500. that we earned from our walkathon venture. 

Saturday was the pioneer festival.  Though K- and I got caught in a traffic jam, on a Saturday and in podunk, we arrived and did our volunteer duties.  (Yes, there are pictures, but thanks to the fact that I erased the Kodak printer from our computer, it took the camera software with it that I use for my Nikon, put my pictures somewhere in my box (I'm hoping) and I need to go through reinstall, which I don't have time for), but rest assured, K- and I were dressed all pioneer-- well except for the Tevas, Birkenstock t-strap and the aircast cam boot. 

Sunday took us to our friend's church again, which is fine.  It's small enough to where people know us, know our names and my daughter enjoys it.  We'll be back again this week, as Hubs isn't going to be able to attend with us.  We had made the pact to go to the next church on our list together.

After church, we made a quick run through the local Walmart (yes, I see you cringing Rachael, but I was desperate) and bought a roasted chicken and a few items that I needed for a chicken pot pie.  I didn't have time to cook the bird, so I ran with a rotisserie, steamed the veggies while I picked the chick, rolled the shell out of the package (don't cringe, it does the trick just fine) and then made my gravy with the chick leftovers.  I was able to assemble the pie, roll on to soccer and have enough time to cook the assembled yumminess before Hubs got home.  Well, it always takes a little longer to bake than I actually think, but it all worked out fine.  We ate that pie on Sunday and Monday.

Monday morning, I had a PTA board meeting before school.  Monday evening, I went and cut glass for a window project that someone had.  I was paid a handsome sum for my time (Christmas money!) and went on home to work on some fundraiser bits before bed. 

My day today began with a splitting eye headache, the room parent PTA tea and some inaccurate information rolling forth from my mouth since my head felt like someone was standing and twisting a knife into my optical loveliness.  It only took two Advil, two Tylenol and a can of Coke to kill it.  The breakfast was lovely.   I mean, how could you turn down little custard puffs of loveliness for breakfast?  Delicious! 

It brings me to tonight.  Mom just called to report that she did come to my house, she picked tomatoes and picked tomatoes and picked tomatoes and she is certain that she didn't even put a dent into the tomato-ism that I still have going on.  Right at the time that the tomatoes and pears were ready to can, I busted my foot and to stand for the hours required to can, I just can't do it this year.  She found parsley and was in love.  She said that she would have pulled tomato plants out, but there were far too many tomatoes still on to toss.  Believe me, I understand what she means.  She took two bags and one bowl full home.  I invited her to come back.  She said that she's good.  I may be going to work next week with boxes of free tomatoes. 

Now if you'll pardon me, I must go make reward certificates for the winners of our major awards for the fundraiser.  A PTA board member never sleeps.  Well, at least we may sleep, but not as much as most.

Have a great day!

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Rach said...

You know, sometimes, no matter how much we might wish it otherwise, the Wal has to happen. I cringe. I shudder. Yet, sometimes even I have no choice in the matter.

That chicken pot pie sounds delicious (and I've been known to roll out a Pillsbury crust every now and then myself). And, I'm glad you are indeed still alive. :o)