Thursday, October 6, 2011

The "All About Me" bag.

When I called to check in with K- on Tuesday afternoon, my mother-in-law said that she was in the basement gathering items for her "All About Me" bag that she was to take to school the very next day.  When K- arrived home, I saw that she had placed a wooden butterfly that she had painted for her grandma, a ball and a deck of Old Maid cards.  Here at home, she scurried around to find an assortment of items to include.  Items placed in the paper lunch sack are, but possibly not completely, limited to the following:

1.  A Star Wars DS game box.  She wanted to take the game, but I vetoed that.  I told her the box was well more than enough.
2.  The movie, Tangled.
3.  A Toy Story book.
4.  The "Kitties in the basket" matryoshka
5.  A handful of Barbie stickers.
6.  A rock from the back yard.
7.  Frog and rainbow erasers.
8.  The letter she received from Buddy, her Elf a Shelf, last Christmas Eve.
9.  A picture of her friend, D-, who she will probably date someday.
10. A lenticular postcard of the Statue of Liberty.  As you flick it, her hips sway back and forth.
11. A signed, computer-generated certificate from the adoptive unit of the county that we adopted her from, congratulating her on forever becoming a part of our family.
12. Her adoption photo that had to be retaken because of faulty film.  Never mind that the tied the dress sash over her upper arm and it looks like she is trapped.  Didn't notice that until after the photos were all cut and half handed out.  Oh well.  It's a good story.

The adoption certificate brought up a good conversation.  "So K-, what are you going to share with the class about adoption?"

"That it's good."

"Well, that's a good thing, but what if they ask you about when you came to be with us?  They might wonder.  You know, you didn't live in my stomach."

"I know that.  But the lady who's stomach I did live in-- what about her?"

"Doll, I can tell you this.  We never met her.  She knew that she couldn't take care of you, so she left you at the hospital with all of the doctors and nurses because she knew you would be safe there.  That's how we got the call and were able to come pick you up.  We're very thankful for her decision to do what was right and to make sure you were well taken care of." 

She grabbed me up and hugged me.  This morning, she woke up and told me that she was going to share with the class that the best thing in her bag was her adoption and that she loved her mom and dad the best.

God bless that little kid.

Smiles in my day:
-  The Russian Festival is on my list for the end of the day.  My friend, C-, and I are going to go.  "So, C-, do you want to go be Russian?"  She stopped dead in her tracks, a smile from ear to ear and then I heard, "ABSOLUTELY!"  We've gone together in the past and had a really nice time.  To go, you must be patient.  Generally, C-, stands in the food line as I go to hit up the matryoshka table for K-.  We meet back up, bet our pierogie on and live the rest of the evening in a cholesterol induced coma.  More delicious than I can explain.  Yum.  Actually, y.u.m.  :sigh: 
-  K- so excited that she has a pioneer outfit to wear this weekend.  Last year, we helped Hubs with his pioneer festival.  We have a gold panning game we help Hubs do, and last year K- had to wear her school uniform.  This year she'll go as Laura Ingalls.  (The child has the braidable hair for it.)  I'm sure Hubs will bring my yardages of fabric home for me to wear.  Last year, I was so confused by the amount of fabric, that I had to go have my neighbor help me.  "Michelle, can you help me get dressed?"  All she could do was laugh.  My cam boot won't be of period dress, but they'll just have to ignore it.

Have a great day!


Rach said...

Oh, that was sniffle inducing. What a sweet baby K is.

Is somebody going to take photos of you in your period garb and your non-period boot? ;oP

The Russian festival sounds like good times. :o)

Lissie is here through tomorrow evening. We're leaving for her place before she does--it's a game day this weekend. Woo hoo! :o)

Bailey's Leaf said...

There normally is a period photo. Last year, I was sporting Birkenstock's. This year, I may be sporting a Birkenstock. If there is a photo, I will see what I can do to either post it or at least send it off to you. Um, they sent me a poofy sleep cap. Eek! I skipped it last year. Give the girl with the poofy hair a poofy sleep cap. Hmmm. I don't think so.