Wednesday, September 21, 2011

We wait all year for this.

Sean Casey and me standing with TIV2 at the Carnegie Science Center in March, 2011.  We went for a talk that Sean was giving on his IMAX movie, Tornado Alley.  Props to Hubs for taking a picture of me that doesn't make me look drunk or high.
I know, I know.  We're science geeky people.  Storm Chasers starts on Sept 25 and we are so excited.  I have it Sharpie-d to the calendar.  You see, normally we don't have "big boy" cable, so we always have to wait until February to watch it when we purchase the season on DVD.  This year, we get to watch it, then purchase it.  The local cable company has somehow hooked us up with an extension to our cable that we aren't paying for, it doesn't include premium channels, but we do have about 50 additional channels and Discovery is in that freebie lot.  We've noticed that a lot of times, we are still bummed that we can find nothing to watch and are quite happy that we aren't being charged for the extra, but we will enjoy the few sunshiny extras that we can get while we have it.  Let's hope that it holds out through October 16.  Hubs and I love having our 10 PM Sunday night TV date!

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ChupieandJ'smama said...

Cool! Saw TIV2 on the Tornado Alley movie on IMAX. Loved it. Scary stuff yet cool. Of course we had a tornado warning here 2 days after we saw it and the boys were FREAKED out.