Saturday, September 24, 2011

Look! A break and I didn't even expect it.

Truly, I didn't anticipate taking a blog break, but that is how it is working out.  I've been busy with the close of the membership drive.  Since I'm the Membership Chair, I get the delightful job of compiling said information into book format and passing cards and directories out to PTA members.  I have the Walk-a-thon fundraiser coming up on the 7th and am still feeling low on the communication totem pole with the principal, who is a very, very busy man.  100 Book Challenge got rolling and now I'm updating.  I have a conference to go to the evening of October 5th for our PTA district. 

No.  I'm not even the president.

I have the appointment to check in on my foot on Thursday and I came to realize that on my last appointment, I've neglected to share some fairly vital information with my doctor regarding the whole story of Bailey, my hospitalization and the blood clotting disorders (homozygous for MTHFR and PAI-Type 1.)  There are new studies that have been done on the blood clotting disorders and information that I don't know.  I'll take him a copy of the genetic testing that was done and perhaps we can have a bit of a brief sit-down about it.  Tears will be shed on my part and I know that he'll feel bad that he inadvertently tossed a freight train at me the last I was there.  I've had discussions with myself numbering more than I could approximate on about how to get all of the information out there, have it be concise enough without sounding like I'm blathering on, but still be coherent and intelligent.  He is a great guy and when he finds out that his bedside manner fell short that day, he will feel like a total heel.  My point is not to make him feel bad, I just need to know the updated information and how that has a bearing on my physical health.  Still, I've chewed and gnawed on the conversation nearly all month. 

I love my doctor.  Truly.  He is a great guy.  That has made my thoughts of the conversation even harder. 

I'm busy with tons of stuff, still cruising on a foot that I'm thinking needs to remain booted for a little while longer while carrying a rather heavy mental load. 

I'll be checking in.  Don't worry.  I didn't forget about you!

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