Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Some sparklies.

Rachael requested that we share some "sparklies" on this Hannah's Heaven Day, so I shall.  Now remember, I'm a lemonade from lemons kind of girl, so these things may sound like a drag, but I promise that it is all good.

1.  Last night I came home to find Hubs, K- and two neighbors in the front yard.  Apparently, the 220 line for all the houses in the neighborhood had gone ka-put.  We all had half power, but no A/C, no ovens or anything else that might require a 220 line.  In the midst of all this, Hubs worried that something had gone wrong and went to search out the problem in the breaker box.  The back corner of the living room breaker was busted and needed replaced.  After going to 4 different stores, Hubs was able to find a replacement and the power company was able to come out to do the necessary repairs.  Our power was only out for a few hours.

2.  We had nearly 7 inches of rain last night (not lying) and we didn't flood.  I've got some plant damage to contend with, but all is well.

3.  On the way to drop K- off at the in-law's, a pebble flew up from the highway and cracked a 1/2" x 1/2" T into my windshield.   I was able to call our insurance company, who connected me with Safelite and they came right out to work to fix it.  You can hardly even tell!  The poor guy was stuck doing the repair in 94 degree heat.  Yikes, but he did a fantastic job.  Another great part?  My insurance pays Safelite to do the repairs, but a replacement would involve paying a deductible. 

4.  After a second night of no sleep, caffeine is a fantastic thing.

5.  A friend had a rather extensive allergic reaction to Ambien, involving repetitive calling and repetitive texts, taking her garbage out, throwing dinner out and driving her car a mile and a half way and back.  She found herself in her daughter's bed this AM (her kids were not at home), but she was safe.  Though the course of events during the Ambien episode are fairly embarrassing for her, I'm glad that she was home alone, and that she injured no one in the process.  She went to see her doctor, they told her that she had an allergic reaction and that she is never again to take a sleep aid.  Hubs took this same thing probably 6 years ago just a few times, ended up having extremely vivid dreams and causing himself physical injury which called for visitations to medical personnel.  It's some nasty stuff, but both of them have come through fine.  Wow. 

6.  Cinnamon toast for breakfast.

7.  Hair ties for when my hair goes all unruly in the tropical humidity that we've been experiencing.  Even Wen can't hold it down!

Have a great night!

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Rach said...

Sounds like a good list to me. :o) Thank you SO much for sharing!!