Thursday, July 21, 2011

She has officially fallen victim.

K- has officially come down with the respiratory funk that I had.  Poor kid.  Called this afternoon to check in on her and my MIL reported that she wasn't eating, which isn't like her.  They went to McD's Play Place to play (air conditioned play on a 95 degree day) and while K- played fine, she wasn't up for eating her Happy Meal.  Yarg.  I called later to check in and my MIL was taking K-'s temperature. 

It was 101.5 F. 

I told her to hit her with a dose of Advil and I'd be there in about a half hour to get her.  By the time I reached her, the Advil had kicked in and she was feeling fine.  I still took her home, sent her to bed with jammies and unlimited movies on the tiny TV.  (AKA the portable DVD player.)

Her fever is waving.  I just ran to the grocery to get some Tylenol, as the Advil doesn't seem to be doing the trick and the Tylenol worked better for me when I had it. 

Have I failed to include that I have not slept the last three nights and I don't envision sleep for the next three?  I brought home a 2 liter of Diet Lime Coke to combat that tomorrow.  I should be zipping around being all domestic while locked in on what is predicted to be the hottest day of the year. 

The good thing about this?  K- is due to start a fantastic arts camp with a local theater on Monday.  The camp runs M-F for the next two weeks.  We also have some other family visiting plans in the works, so best to get this through her system before all that comes up. 

My sweet K-.  Poor kid.  She's complaining of exactly the same symptoms I had.  "Mom, my feet are freezing."  You know what?  They do.  They feel like blocks of ice and are ice cold, yet you are fevering.  Doesn't make sense.  "Mom, my head hurts so bad."  Yes, baby.  It's like someone smacked you with a baseball bat.  "Mom, I think that the soda is making my eyes teary."  Nope.  It's what you've got.  Your eyes will burn, too. 

In 3 1/2 days, she should start to feel like new.  Let's hope for a shorter time span, yes?

Smiles in my day:
-  Though K-'s "prize winning sunflower" was bent over by the winds the other day, I supported it with my chop sticks from dinner, then it flopped over again, she managed to get it nudged up against the wood leg of the tower and don't you know that the darned thing seems like she's not only making it, but will be throwing a bloom shortly?  Amazing!
-  I've had to tie up and support some wind whipped plants from the other day, but I think that they'll make it just fine, too.
-  Having a place of work that understands that I have to go to take care of my sick kid.
-  K- is in watching old Woody Woodpecker cartoons.  How it warms my heart that she'd rather watch those than some of the funk and junk that they are trying to market to 7-8 year olds.  I know that times will change, but I will appreciate this for as long as I can, 'kay?
-  Though I am sleep deprived, surprisingly I'm doing fine.  Let's hope that I stick with that.
-  My allergy medicine seems to be back to helping my throat inflammation. 

Have a great day!

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Susan said...

God bless your daughter and may she feel better quickly. What a cool camp she gets to go to :-)