Saturday, June 25, 2011


I was running a quick check over the bank account and noticed that my phone bill was about $20. more than usual.  I pulled it up and gave it a brief glance.

Payment One - $18.09  What the heck is that?

I went ahead and called Payment One.  I spoke to a woman going by the name of Karen who did end up crediting the charges back to me.  (To be credited back in a month or two.  Nice.)  She did question whether Hubs was the one to okay the charges for Extreme Web TV.  Um, no.  Dude doesn't answer the phone. 

I blog today as a public service.  I thought last night that there has to be a way to prevent third parties from charging authorized charges to my phone bill.  When I talked to Brian at AT&T today, he confirmed that.  There is an anti-slamming paper that they are going to send out to me so that Hubs and I can fill it out and send it back.  It takes effect on the next billing cycle.  Since our land line is only used as a land line and not for anything else, there is no other reason we should have any additional charges.  (We even dropped long distance years ago since we have the cell phones.)  There is a bundle that was available for call waiting/caller ID and phone service for $1.00 cheaper than what we currently pay.  I thought it was grand and changed our service over to that.  Now Hubs can answer the phone when I call instead of waiting for the one ring and call back! 

So, make sure that you have anti-slamming placed on your phone account.  It'll save you months of trying to get $36.18 back.

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Rach said...

Oh my word! Thanks for the head's up. I'm glad you were up with what was going on with your bill. Goodness.