Sunday, May 1, 2011

A listy weekend

1.  You don't care to know this, but my face has broken out and it hurts.  Too much soda, I think.

2.  K- passed her swimming examination, so now she is going to start with the big boys in the lanes next year.  She had some difficulty treading, so I was worried that she might be retained in level 2 again.  She didn't know what they meant by "tread" and she thought she was supposed to touch the bottom of the pool.  The pool where she was at was 4 1/2 feet (she's 4 feet), but then when she went to do it, she was scared.  She finally did in the  4 1/2 foot end, then they went to the 14 foot portion to have the kids jump off the diving board, into the arms of a guard, then tread 5 feet to the edge.  I don't do deep water.  If I can't stand, I'm not happy.  I was on the edge of having an anxiety attack just watching, but I was far enough away for K- not to know.  Know that she did just fine.  14 feet deep?  No problem!  Good for her! 

3.  K- got a perfect attendance award for the third quarter.  That will be her only one for this year, but she was pleased just to get one.  The principal was telling us that the third quarter is the quarter with the least perfect attendance, so I told her that it was just a little extra special.

4.  On Saturday, we were all involved in the first mowing of the year.  Hubs mowed, while K- and I cleaned dead grass from bare areas and planted some grass seed.  Between the neighbor (who we love to death) and his dog who thinks that she lives and needs to pee at only our house combined with a continual snow cover from November - February, we had dog pee and snow mold grass death to deal with.  I was glad that we were able to take care of the lawn yesterday, because as I type, it is raining. 

5.  The garden is coming along well.  I think that once we get into a warm set of days, things will really hum along.  Potato sprouts are popping by the day.  Greens and onions are happy.  I was able to give the garden a good weed fluff.  It's hard to believe that by the end of this month, I'll have the seedlings that I've been nursing since the third week of March set into the ground, the butterfly gardens will have some plants moved around and will be accommodating strawberries (thanks to my MIL) and ground cherries (very near the garden), as well as a bumper crop of Holly Hocks and Chinese Lanterns.

6.  We had a fellowship lunch after church today.  Seeing that I would probably be returning with 3/4 of what I brought, I made a small casserole of apple crisp and brought 3 cans of creamed corn (with a little butter) in the crock pot.  We love creamed corn and I figured whatever was left would be transformed into a sweet corn cake for dinner.  That's exactly what happened and it was delicious.

7.  The rain held off for soccer today.  K- was able to play and had a great time.  I could tell that she was tired in the end, but she hung in there.

8.  We stopped by the vegetable market on the way home and picked up some fresh green beans and potatoes (among other things) to have tonight with dinner.  The greatest thing happened.  K- ate all of her green beans and announced that whatever I put on top made all the difference.  Garlic salt.  Who knew?  Now the child, who refused green beans from birth (from first foods anyhow) now likes them if they are fresh and with a sprinkle of garlic salt.  Works for me.

9.  I took the truck for a chassis bath on Saturday.  I'm hoping that is the last salt that I have to rinse from it for a while.  I wanted to wax it, but the weather was kind of ominous.  While K-, E- and some neighborhood boys played ball next door, I swept and wiped down the inside of the truck.  I am now not embarrassed to take the truck to:

10.  The appointment at NTB for a tire rotation/balance and alignment.  When you have an alignment done at NTB, it is guaranteed for 6 months.  Given the nasty winter and the size of pot holes we've been dodging around here, the RAV definitely needs a bit of a tweak.  If the alignment is off, it doesn't pull-- it eats tires.  Since I don't care to purchase a new set of tires, we'll get her tweaked and twirled.  Though I couldn't get it in today, I'll be taking it later on this week when there are no appointments (but mine.)  I should get out in a jiffy.  I also love that they don't need me to have my receipts, because currently, I don't know where they are at.  (Probably the fire box.)  He told me that as long as I don't forget my phone number between now and my appointment, I'm good.  Good for them!  Good for me!

11.  As of Monday, I'll be going cold turkey on soda.  I know, I know.  I shouldn't drink it.  It is crap and I know it.  I think that it is that I like the bubbles.  And the flavor.  And the caffeine.  I'm going to do the green tea thing.  I'll do no sugar and that will be an adjustment.  Seriously, I can't spend the calories on crap.  Even diet is having me consume junk I shouldn't. 

12.  I really need to put more effort into exercising.  I do some, but I need to do more.  Frankly, this is nothing new.

13.  The caterpillar that we gave my sister's partner for his birthday last week is in a chrysalis and the family is so excited to check on their butterfly-in-making each day. 

14.  K- and E- painted their nails yesterday "all by themselves."  They didn't do a bad job and rest assured, every single color that I took over was used.  Whooo-boy!  :)

Now that I've given you a big list, I must go tend to the laundry.  I'm sorry to say that I can't add:

15.  Laundry fairy arrived and I love her. 

If she does arrive someday, rest assured that you guys will be one of the first to know.

Have a great day!

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