Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Back attack!

Oh. my. heavens.  I got up, started my day, got K- off to school, came home and sat down.  Seems simple enough, right?  Not until I got up and had horrible pain in my back.  Awful.  I have a high tolerance to pain, but this was just not a doable thing. 

I thought, perhaps I can walk it off.  It's a kink.

Um, no.

I could only stand up straight and had no pain if I didn't move at all.  Even if I moved slightly to the right or slightly to the left, I had immense pain.  I was shuffling down the hall. 

I called my sister.  She told me a butterfly move to do on the bed.

Flump.  I could moan into the phone that I had managed to flop myself onto the bed and that I'd eventually get back to her. 

I did the exercises and stretches as instructed.  It didn't hurt. 

Then I stood up again. 


LeAnne phoned and suggested a hot shower.  Since I'm a dork and hate my eyelashes to be wet (I know, I know, I need therapy.  Add that to the long list), I opted for a scorchingly hot bath.

Thank God it worked. 

Staying home was not an option.  I had to go to work.  I followed up with Tylenol and a stick-on charcoal heat patch.  Thankfully, I was able to function today with only a very low amount of pain.

This evening, I've been running up and down the steps, doing laundry, hauling laundry and sitting criss-cross applesauce on my bed folding it. 

Yes, I'm feeling it.  What is it, by the way?  S-, the massage therapist that is one of the inventory control people at work, confirmed that it is continual issues with a hip flexor problem that she suspects I have.  I've talked to her about things before and they've always pointed to this.  I've always had a lack of flexibility in the hips for as long as I can remember.  I've never been able to bend and touch my toes-- ever. 

With the pain increasing in my right hip, I can tell you that I'm very comfortable if I stand.  I can fall asleep sitting up, so why not while standing?  I can be like a horse!

Smiles in my day:
-  The ability to make it through the day relatively pain free.
-  I got a forgotten stain out of a relatively new pair of leggings that K- has.  She fell in the mud while hunting for Easter eggs and I forgot.  I hate stains on clothes, so I kind of felt accomplished about it.
-  Olivia singing on the Biggest Loser scale tonight made me cry. 

Have a great day!


Rach said...

I was having sympathetic twinges and pains. Nothing will lay you out flat faster than back pain.

I'm glad you were able to get moving again. OUCH!

P.S. We're going to IKEA Friday!!!! Happy Mother's Day to me! :o)

ChupieandJ'smama said...

Must be running in the family! I've had lower back pain since right before Easter. It's not debilitating but sometimes I can barely move. I've tried hot bath, stretching and yoga. Nothing works. Sometimes it radiates to the front so I'm thinking maybe hip flexor too(?). I've giving a few more days and then I'm going to have to have it checked. It's been going on a bit too long to be a pulled "something".
Hope you feel better and stay pain free!

Sissy said...

The hat: totally made me laugh. And the whole monochromatic thing she had going on was not pretty. Neither sister looked good.

Pippa, however, was lovely. Sigh. What a fairytale.

Bailey's Leaf said...

Beatrice's dress looked as if she forgot to go to the tailor. I agree with the monochromatic thing. Could you imagine needing to look through the hoop for a view? Between the hideous hat and far too much make-up, it made Beatrice look cross-eyed. Eugenie's (sp?!) dress looked as if she had ripped Grandma's curtains down and stitched them into some poorly fitted dress. Her hat didn't bug me. Pippa? Lovely.