Friday, April 22, 2011

Preparing for the hunt

My sister hosts a family and friends Easter egg hunt at her house each year.  I used to do the same for K-'s siblings, but they've gotten old enough to think that Easter egg hunts aren't so cool anymore.  Since I have a bucket full of eggs, I go ahead and stuff them each year for the family hunt.

326.  That's just in case you were wondering.  I'm sure that I've lost a few here and there, but overall I believe that I've retained the number that I've collected.  That's why I have the X's on the eggs.  I used to let the kids keep the eggs, but I found that they were getting tossed at the end of the season.  Why not reuse?  The kids know to shell the eggs, snap the pieces back together and to go ahead and dump any X'd eggs in the bin for refill the following year. 

Hey, it works for me.

My sister has everyone bring a contribution to add to the already started pot of Stone Soup.  Yes, it does have a real stone.  I know that I've touched on her tradition before, but there is seriously not a pot of Stone Soup that I haven't liked.  This year, I'll be tossing ham, carrots, potatoes, barley and soaked mixed beans to the pot.  (Just in case someone forgets their thing, I bring extra.  It's habit.) 

We're so excited!  Rain may come and we are thinking of suiting the kids up in rain coats and soccer cleats, but we'll have a great time!

Smiles in my day:
-  Though the day started out a bit rough with, "Mom, I just puked," after an hour, the bit subsided.  I was able to talk to the nurse at her pediatrician's office who said that the stomach virus that she had tended to come and go a few times before it was completely gone.  Good to know.  Prefer it to be gone.  Yuck.  Still, other than an hour of major action, K- has had a little bit of a "squeezy stomach" all day, but has successfully taken items in and has not had the horrible stomach ache or high fever of last week.  The nurse predicts that we're seeing the end.  Hallelujah!  Even as I type, I'm happy to say that the "squeezy stomach" (ref: Junie B. Jones) has completely subsided. 
-  Getting the eggs all stuffed.  Tattoos, hair ties, stickers, dinosaurs, Sillybandz, suction cup balls, spikey balls, tops, marshmallow bunnies, slinkies and buttons (pins).  Tried to find something for everyone.
-  Hubs took the day off tomorrow so that we can spend the day together as a family.  :)!

We're excited about spending time with family this weekend.  I hope that all of you have a fantastic weekend!


Rach said...

Um, wow! That's a LOT of eggs!! I'm so glad you had a helper with you. :o)

I hope everyone has a blast. Oh, and the stone soup? Sounds delish! :o)

Michelle said...

I am so impressed that you stuffed THAT many eggs! Wow! Are there that many kids there? I totally get the reusing of the eggs - why not?! Kayla and Lucas had enough eggs collected from school, preschool & MOPS that I didn't buy any this year and just used those eggs (just over 40!) for their own Easter Egg hunt.

Sorry to hear K was sick w/the stomach virus/bug but glad she is feeling better! Happy Easter to you and yours!