Thursday, April 28, 2011

The one where I complain.

I wasn't going to, but in order to get house work done, I'll just vent and be done.

I feel so bad for my husband.

He has a program scheduled for this weekend where he is expecting 500 people.  He ordered prizes for said event from the mom and pop shop that he has worked with in years past.  They have been wonderful, up until this past year.  Son-in-law is now in charge of one of the stores, Hubs didn't get to work with the guy he usually does and SIL dropped the ball big time.  He ordered nothing until 2 weeks ago, then called Hubs yesterday to tell him that the items won't be in.  The hats that they were providing to him were dropped off last week to be embroidered and instead of having the number he needs, they'll have 100 instead of 400 because the embroiderers needed more time.  Of course!  Dude waited until the last possible minute and put everyone in a bind.

THE PROGRAM IS SATURDAY!  Hubs called me irritated as he was hopping from Walmart to Walmart to find as many tackle boxes (alike because they are prizes for kids and he wants to avoid fighting and whatnot).  It took him going to 4 stores to get what he needed. 

He just called me from the offending store, because he needed to drive the 45 minutes south for the 3rd time to pick up the late arriving hats.  Dumb dude looked at him and said, "Oh!  The tackle boxes that you needed just arrived!"

Hubs said, "Already spent the money.  Don't need them."  (I gasped on the phone and said, "You didn't get them, did you?"  He didn't.)

He tossed the idea around in his head about going to the new store next year where good service guy works, but I told him that overall, that would be rewarding the entire company for really bad service.  The guy nearly ruined my husband's program.  Last year's guy wasn't available to help him this year, as I suspect that will continue to be the case.  I told him that we'll just secure another store for donations and purchasing for him.  I told him that I wouldn't even ask for the usual hats that they give to him, because that would be giving advertisement to a company that did not help him out in any way. 

I feel so bad for him. 

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