Sunday, April 24, 2011

My husband always makes me an Easter basket.

Without fail, my husband and I have traded Easter baskets ever since we've been together.  The first year we married, he bought me a tulip Easter basket and continues to fill it each and every year.  The theme is usually gardening with a bag of Dove chocolates, but this year he dropped a few extra things in. 

No, it doesn't involve diamonds.

My husband is thoughtful enough to keep things in mind that I love.  I admit that I did ask him to get me the newest CD from Cake.  Now, my husband absolutely detests Cake.  We have a pretty small crossover of what music we both like.  However, on the road today to the different parental units, he plunked the new CD in the truck and toughed it out as we drove to and from both places.  That alone was gift enough.  It wasn't done there.

When the disk was through, he had me play it again.  It's not because he liked it, but because he knew that I did.  (Love, actually.)

He also bought me the complete series of Christy.  (Could Cake and Christy be on further ends of the spectrum from each other?)  I might add, he isn't fond of Christy, either.

I also found the Nintendo DS Jillian 2010.  I accidentally fell off the Shred wagon and would like to get back on.  How kind of him to try to do something to help.

This evening, we got in, got baths and jumped into our jammies.  We did some review homework with K- (remember that she missed 3 days of the week prior to spring break), then watched the movie Tangled together as a family.  (Movie compliments of the Easter Bunny.)  Now, I'm not really a Disney princess movie kind of girl.  Really, Disney isn't my bag.  However, I cried.  Y'all, I cried.  I felt stupid for crying at a cartoon, but couldn't help but to get that involved.  Hubs wasn't jumping up and leaving either.  I'm happy to say that all of us loved it (well, K- loved it from the time she saw it in the theaters), and we were able to spend time together.

After, my husband grabbed us up and danced around the living room with both of us. 

It was a good day.

A prayer request: 
Please keep Heather and her family in your prayers as they have just seen their daughter, Emma Grace, off to the arms of Jesus.  Their daughter had such a long and difficult health history and while they rejoice in her dancing with Jesus, they are so sad that she is no longer with them. 


Rach said...

We married good men. They're hard to come by from what I gather from my friends. :oP

What a guy!

I'm so sorry for Heather and her family and will keep them in my prayers. I had been keeping up with Emma Grace for a while, and lost my link to the blog. I'm glad she's at peace now.

ChupieandJ'smama said...

Your hubs is a gem :) Let me know how that Jillian game is. I'm interested!

My heart is broke for Heather and her family. My prayers are with them. I know Emma is in a better place but the family will surely be lost without her.