Thursday, April 7, 2011

Drip, drip, drip and more people that visited.

Drip, drip, drip, drip.  It was the kind of drip loudness that I feel could have been in The Tell-Tale Heart.  Wow. 

I came home from work today to be greeted by a pack of Craftsman wrenches on the bathroom counter with the faucet partially unassembled. 

My husband couldn't take it anymore.  Apparently, the tent face towel that I left in the sink last night to muffle ended up getting fully saturated over night and ended up doing a slurp drip instead of a silent drip.  Oops.  I at least tried.  I'm happy to say that at this point, the faucet is reassembled and seems to be behaving nicely.  Let's hope that it doesn't take after the smoke detector and decide to start up again at 3 AM.

On to other things.  Pajama girl was back today with gyro boyfriend (apparently, he works at the fast food joint around the corner) and you would be glad to know that she had pants on!  Oh, and she had real shoes, too! 

We had jelly bean man in this afternoon.  I have no idea why he thought he could find jelly beans at the store, but he kept talking and talking about these gourmet jelly beans that he has spent 2 weeks looking for.  I gave him the name of a few different places to try and of course, he has tried them.  I asked him what the name of the beans are or what the color of the bag is and he can't tell me.  I would have been nice to keep an eye out but other than calling them "gourmet," he gave me nothing.  My co-worker insists that he really is just looking for Brach's. 

We had a group of ladies in today that wanted three people helping each person with each one piece transaction.  Finally, I told them that we have a system and it was all good.  (Kindly, of course.)  They were snobby and obviously, I was beneath them. 

Joe was kind to remind me about the lovely lady on Monday.  I was hanging a bunch of St. Andrew's Abbey when a customer came in and plunked her purse down (oh no she didn't!) on TOP! of the ceramics that I was attempting to hang.  I rescued an angel from the bottom side of her bag, then couldn't find my hammer to continue hanging the blessed things.  "Joe!  I can't find my hammer."  "I took it and I don't know where I put it."  Then, the customer pipes up, "Oh, I have it under my bag."  Really?  You know that I'm hanging things and you dump your giant luggage sized purse right on top of everything I'm working with?  ARGH!

No body smelled today.  That's a great thing!

I'm really not crabby.  It's just a week full of customer observations. 

Smiles in my day:
-  Wednesday! 
-  The drip is silent.
-  K- has started to read Twister on Tuesday to us.  I love to hear her read!  She is getting words I never dreamed that she would be at this point and I love that she is working on catching the tone in the sentences.  At the end of the grading periods, Mrs. S- does reading leveling with the class and I hope that K- does get bumped up the next level.  I think that she's able to handle it, but when she gets moved up, it is such an incredible atagirl for her. 

Have a great day!

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Rach said...

Are you KIDDING me on the purse lady? WTHeck kind of person was she? Who in the world would have the NERVE to set a bag down on art?!? I'm floored, I truly am.

The beans? J*ellybellies per chance? Um, and he thought y'all would have them...why?

Glad pj girl came clad in clothing. Whew. ;o)

And, glad there were no noxious odors. I cannot STAND the smell of cigarette smoke or ashes. ugh.

Hooray for Hubs fixing the leaky faucet! And, hooray for K reading a chapter book! Lil LOVES the Magic Tree House series. :o)