Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Valentine crafting

Now, I know that you expect pictures with this. I'll see what I can do. Remember that I'm still learning how to use this new camera.  Hold please . . .

I cut out some hearts from the Cheerios box in the recycling. Cardboard hearts x 22 (plus extras for goofs) is a bit much to ask a child to cut out.  I knew that she'd never get it done without yelling.  She did the "to and from" on the back, glued the sequins to the front and I did some glitter glue for some flare. 
We started these yesterday when I came home early. We made 22 perling bead heart sun catchers. K- beaded some on her own and there were a bunch that we made together. (She did the top or the bottom. I did the opposite side.)

The glitter glue is drying. I'll get things assembled tomorrow. I feel good that we can cross that off the list.

Smiles in my day:
-  We were all home and off on snow day together.
-  The valentines.  They are done.  K- loves them and that is what is most important. 
-  We had TV dinner this evening while doing a Storm Chasers Marathon.  While crafting valentines, I cooked a meatloaf in the crock-pot.  I was able to finish up with some whole grain chicken herb rice and creamed peas.  It was lovely and quite a special special.  K- thought it was the neatest thing.
-  An old friend found me on a search on the internet.  We haven't talked in a very long time.

Have a wonderful day!


Laura said...

I love making valentine hearts and sending them off to loved ones! The pics you took are great!

Bailey's Leaf said...

Thanks! :)

Rach said...

What a fun project. I bet K loved it!

BTW, those hearts are the most beautifully shaped hearts. Did you use a template? Free-hand? I'm intrigued. :o)

Bailey's Leaf said...

The perling bead set that I bought cheapie cheap at the thrift store had templates. ( Yes, they are template formed. I don't know that we could have gotten them so well formed without it!

We decided to do the two outside rows, but we could have filled it all in. She did do a full heart for her teacher, but I thought the heart outlines worked well enough.

They shine so nicely in the light! I hope that the kids like them as well as we do!