Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Just hand the chocolate over and no one will get hurt.

Why did I not post last night?  We'll just say that I'll quote my sister by saying, "I didn't want to go forth and share."  The attitude?  Notsogood. 

I've decided that I'll share some irks.  Why not? 

1.  Magazines in the doctors office are for reading.  People read them and when they reach an article that they are a few pages invested in, they aren't too happy when they find holes torn out of the middle of the two remaining pages.  They aren't your property.  Please do not help yourself to bits of stuff.  Either purchase it or look it up online, please.

2.  Frozen wiper blades.

3.  The side roads around here are like way back country roads riddled with pot holes.  We have 3" slabs of ice attached to the road surface and scraping only lifts bits which then leaves craters. 

4.  People who come in and have me do a full gift wrap on a $2.00 item.  I wouldn't have the guts to ask.

5.  Children who make my child continually worry that what she is doing/saying/feeling might not be in line with what they would do/say/feel.  She's only in the first grade and it makes me want to scream.

6.  People who don't obey the rule about if a park car is on their side of the road, they must wait and allow on-coming traffic to pass first.  Oh, playing chicken is so much more fun, right?

7.  Whole or minimally processed foods cost much more than the overly processed and generally bad for you foods do.

Update on Grandpa:
Grandpa is still in the ICU.  Family visits are limited, as they want Grandpa to rest and get better.  He was taken off the vent, but then put back on where they attempted to put him on a trach, but he is too weak.  They have put him on a TPN (in my family it is AKA milkshake in a bag which runs through a picc line) and they will try again.  Mom thinks that he will not be able to overcome this.  I pray God's will for his life and truly want Grandpa not to suffer. 

Smiles in my day:
-  My brother, Dumpy, went to a chiropractor today who could pop his disk back into place.  He fell down his brick steps (they were icy-- surprise, surprise) and smacked his back all the way down.  He then jarred his back in his truck.  I think that when he went to the chiropractor, he heard angels singing.  Mom said that he feels so much better.
-  My brother, Billy, seems to be having some great opportunities coming his way.  That makes my heart very happy.
-  My sister, LeAnne, is on day #3 of her campaign to stop smoking. 
-  Our elementary's change drive for the local hospital raised over $1100.00!  That is over $2.00 per kid and in a school where 50% of the students are below the poverty level, that is amazing. 
-  A husband and child who still love me no matter how grumpy I can sometimes get.


Rach said...

Amen on the family that loves you no matter what. I know what you mean.

The magazine thing? Yeah, that'd p me off.

The gift wrap? Are you kidding me?!?

Poor K. :o(

And, that processed food thing. Yeah. That's the BIG problem with obesity in this country. :sigh:

Your smiles are wonderful, though. I'm glad the chiro made Dumpy feel better--it was what got me through my pregnancy with Lil.

Hooray for LeAnne's no smoking. That is SO hard.

Good for Billy, and wow, go kiddos! :o)

My prayers continue for Grandpa. Thank you so much for the update.

ChupieandJ'smama said...

Hang in there. HUGS!!
Prayers for Gramps and Dumpy's back. Ouch.

Yeah, road thing. Boo :(