Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I actually learned to type on a real typewriter.

It's true.  When I took typing class in 1988-89 in high school, I learned how to type on an IBM Selectric typewriter.  I was just so excited that we had electric typewriters at school, since I was typing papers on my mom's old high school typewriter that was definitely manual all the way.  

So, how did I start thinking about my high school typing experience?  We use carbon sales slips at work instead of NCR (carbonless) slips.  My boss is allergic to NCR and I've actually gone garbage diving for the carbons when slips have gone missing.  Carbons make me think of typing class.

Here goes:
1.  I took typing from my mother's high school typing teacher.  Mom graduated in 1967 and she said that Mr. J- was old then.
2.  Mr. J- used to walk around with a ruler.  If you let your wrists drop, he'd crack you with the ruler.   No, it wasn't a love tap, either.  I was scared enough not to get cracked, but I knew quite a few people who got smacked with the ruler.  I still don't rest the wrists. 
3.  As a part of an assignment, I did an actual carbon copy.  That's where the carbon comes into making this whole post come around anyhow.
4.  Mr. J- was a fan of his daily swig of "cough syrup."  At the same time everyday, he took a "dose" of "cough syrup" from his Dimetapp bottle.  He never had a cough and Mom reported that he did the same exact thing in her class.  Hmmm.
5.  We had to have boxes of correction tape.  They were slips of lighter weight overhead plastic with white baked on.  When you goofed, you backed up, placed the tape between the paper and the ribbon, hit the wrong letter so as to white it out, took the correction tape away and typed the right letter in that space.
6.  I learned to type by using a flip typing manual.  It flipped over the top and was free standing. 
7.  Mom wanted my sister and me to learn how to type.  It was her one required optional course in high school for us.  She said that if we knew how to type, we could always get a job.  Thanks to typing, I was an office assistant for a psychologist for many years in college.  Hey, it paid the bills.
8.  When I finished Typing II, I was typing 55 words per minute.  (No, I don't know why I recall that.)
9.  I just tested myself and I typed 80 words per minute.  I would have been faster if it wasn't a UK based typing exam.  Still, I think that 80 wpm isn't too shabby. 
10. Hubs took a year of typing and is a hunt and peck typer.

Smiles in my day:
-  My husband is my hero.  It took him a half hour to thaw my wipers from my windshield.  He also shoveled the driveway before I went to work.
-  My husband also scored me The 30 Day Shred used for $4.99.  I just need to pick up a few things so that I can participate in Rachael's Shred Challenge.
-  K- didn't have school today (snow), so she went and hung out with Grandma.  They got to spend a lovely day together.

Have a great day!


Rach said...

Typing was a required course to move from middle to high school. I took it as a three week summer course. I rest my wrists, and don't use the correct finger for "c". Never have. I didn't learn the numbers either.

BUT, I'm a typing whiz and during my last test, I get 76 wpm. Not too bad. I think if I had had to learn on the Selectric, I'd be more proficient since the "delete" key is my favorite. ;o)

You are SO going to be hating me...I'm sorry. :oS But, it gets better after four days, I promise! :o)

Bailey's Leaf said...

Don't worry. I don't do the numbers, either. Never did quite get the hang of the above numbers. I can bust it out on the 10-key, though.

So, do you hit "c" with your left index finger?

I'm a fan of backspace.

Good to know that things will start to turn around come day 4.

Rach said...

Yes indeedy, the c is with the left index finger. How did you know? :o)

Bailey's Leaf said...

I had to look.