Thursday, January 20, 2011

"Mommy! I got first place!"

Yesterday, K- entered a painting (pictures on my camera and I don't know how to get them off yet) into the PTA Art Reflections contest.  In early December, we knew that this was coming up and she drew a picture of what she wanted her painting to be.  I read and re-read the directions, found that the canvas that I had already was too thick for the size requirements, so I went and bought some canvas board.  She drew her picture onto the board, water colored it and when it was dry, drew some accent lines with glitter paint markers.  When she was done, she stood proudly while holding her painting out in front of herself and proclaimed, "Now THIS is a work of art."

"Yes baby, it is!"

I'm a horrible mother.  I looked at the painting and wanted so much more for it.  I had made suggestions, but in the end, everything was done by her.  She did it, "Mom, I've got it," and I let her roll with it.  It's the artist in me.  But then, what did I turn out when I was in first grade?  I don't really quite know.  I know that I won an award for being the best with scissors.  I cut along lines like a pro.  I think I won a Hershey bar as a reward.  

I admit that I knew that Reflections was a very low-participation thing last year.  (There were three pieces total.)  I knew that if K- entered, the likelihood that she would win something was pretty high.  I knew that if she won something, it would be a nice feather in her cap. 

I never in a million years expected 1st place.  That's exactly where the horrible mother thing comes in place. 

Now, remember in the beginning of school when K- won first place in the school garden fair?  That I expected.  I knew that she had grown the tomato from seed, she had tended the plant, eaten the fruits and loved that she took a little project from Lowe's and could haul it into school and win with it. 

I under-estimated my child.  I feel about an inch tall.

Smiles in my day:
-  K- being so proud about her award.  We're thrilled right there with her.
-  I stopped in to drop off a class party flier for Mrs. S- to read over today and asked her about yesterday's testing.  She said that it went well and she had 5 more to go.  I mentioned K- telling me that last time and this time she was unable to complete before the bell.  Mrs. S- gave me a sad teacher look.  "Oh, none of the children did.  When we do calendar, I'm going to mention how well everyone did and let them know that no one was able to complete before the bell."  I think that she probably figured that if K- was voicing her concern about it, there was probably another child in the same boat.  So kind for her to clarify that with the children.  I didn't ask for that, but since it was the second time and it was starting to stress K- out, I figured that I'd mention it.  I'm glad that she has a teacher that I can do that with. 
-  Much accomplished at work and I'm exhausted.  Julia and I have hauled this week and the gallery no longer looks like the clearance section at the thrift.  We left beat, but happy.

Have a wonderful day!


Michelle said...

congrats to K on first place for her painting!

Rach said...

Oh, Amy, don't beat yourself up--she will NEVER know you didn't think she could get first place. You supported her the entire time, she encouraged her, you helped her. *That* is what is most important.

Congrats to the young artist on her win--how exciting! :o)

ChupieandJ'smama said...

Hooray Miss K! See, she didn't stray that far from the gene pool after all:) You aren't a bad Mommy. Believe me, I think that kind of stuff all the time. Only I'm usually right. Who takes their shoes off during indoor soccer foot skills and does a booty dance. J does. And I just hang my head.... sigh.

Give K a hug and big high five from us !!