Monday, January 31, 2011

Dishin' Dinners Day, incredible deals and I blame Pippi

Sunday:  Tacos and rice
Monday:  Macaroni Monday and Kielbasa
Tues/Wed:  Crock-pot turkey tenderloin
Thurs/Fri:  Crock-pot meatloaf, veg and bread sticks (didn't happen last week)
Sat:  Homemade pizza

Since I seem to be fairly well-stocked with food, I decided that I would go to Giant Eagle to take advantage of their double coupons.  I had a bunch of coupons for toothpaste and whatnot.  Between flying past Giant Eagle and a local discounter, I got some pretty good things to restock the linen closet with.

I ended up with three free tubes of Crest toothpaste, one for 50 cents and two Colgate Cinnamon's for $1.25.  I stocked up on deodorant for Hubs and soap for both of us.  I found non-stick foil for our new convection/toaster oven.  It was really expensive, but it was on sale and with a coupon, I paid $1.00. 

At one store, I saved 48%.  (Between sales and coupons.)  In total, I used $19.60 in coupons.  That doesn't include the doubling or the sale prices.  I will say right now, they are all things that we use.  I bought things because I had coupons, but not weird things like lime infused beef jerky with sun dried tomato casing just because I had a coupon.  (I don't think that exists, but it sounded just weird enough.) 

I will also say that we won't need toothpaste for a really long time. 

Now on to Pippi.  We were talking to K- this AM about her lack of loss in the dental area.  She's bummed.  That's when I shared a story. 

When I was a kid, we watched Pippi Longstocking.  One day, Pippi belted someone in the mouth to get their tooth to fall out or something like that.  I decided that it was a grand idea.  I needed money, I still had teeth to lose, so I talked my sister into belting me one.

She belted me.

Nothing happened other than extreme pain and my crying drew my mother's attention.

LeAnne got in trouble for letting me have it.

Hubs' response, "What kind of dysfunctional family did you grow up in?"

"Hey!  We were poor!  It was a way to make money!" 

Smiles in my weekend:
-  We got to spend some time with Hubs' family.  Doesn't happen too often. 
-  My SIL and her husband bought a new house.  They'll be able to move outside of the city, which is a good thing for them.  It is gorgeous and we're very happy for them!
-  Going to Hubs' beaver puppet show yesterday.  K- had a lot of fun!
-  Getting lovely deals!

Grandpa update:
Grandpa was put on a vent the other day and they took him to surgery to put a drain in his lungs.  (Ewww.)  The doctor anticipates him to make a full recovery, but it will be a bit of time for him to get there.  In the meantime, I'm in no race to get to the hospital to be kicked out.  Nothankyou.  I'll pray from here.

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Rach said...

Good job on the great deals! I saved $22 in coupons this weekend. I stocked up on Biz since I had two $2 off coupons and picked up each jug for $2.50. Not too shabby. :o)

LOL! That is an AWESOME story about the teeth. If I had only thought of that...;o)

Prayers continuing for Grandpa. You poor cousin. :oS