Friday, November 19, 2010

Praising God with hands high and with crocodiles rolling.

I've got to tell you as I sit here and cry, my sister and my nephew are fine.

She was busy running frantically from one place to another, pulled out in front of a vehicle and rolled her van.

She had her seatbelt on.

L- was strapped firmly into the car seat. 

When they came to a rest, he started crying.  She was able to release both of them, knock the back window out with her elbow and climb out. 

Of course, she only had liability insurance.

It's just a van. 

My people are okay.  L- was checked out and released from Children's Hospital.  LeAnne said that she thinks she is fine and just wants to go home.

Like a good Baptist, I'm preparing them dinner. 

ETA:  I took dinner out and was able to lay my eyes on my sister.  Long story short, she had a migraine, the light was bright and the van that hit her was dark green.  She didn't see it.  It clipped the back passenger corner of her van as she had almost reached the road that she was trying to drive down.  When she got hit, she went flying through the air, skidded and remained upside down on the roof.  In a surprise turn, the van actually turned on its side.  She was suspended, as well as L-, and so when his car seat let loose, she said he just kind of dropped into her arms.  She is very sore.  He is without any damage.  She has a scraped up elbow.  She also got a call from the insurance company.  The other people who were involved have an attorney who has already contacted my sister's insurance.  Oh, this should be fun.  I did tell her that they call them accidents not an "on purpose." 

In your prayers of thanksgiving tonight, can you belt another out for us?

Thursday, November 18, 2010

He will see you now.

My sister and I traveled down to the city of my child's birth with three kids in tow and met up with the man.  I can now say that I officially have this item crossed off of our list.  (Yes, my version is full face and not so nighttime swirly.) 

Smiles in my day:
-  I had a great meeting with Mrs. S- today.  K- is on track.  Everything is good. 
-  The PTA directory rough draft is in my hands.  :)
-  We had a great time with the kids this evening. 
-  My house is cleaned, my beds stripped and remade.

Have a great weekend!

Signing my life away at the customer service counter.

I've had a cold.  Nothing serious.  Really, I've suffered much, much worse.  Since I've had this continual evening and early morning tickle in my throat, I've found that the Advil Cold and Sinus that I had in the cupboard has helped out a bit.

Today I took the last one in my cabinet.

Now, that may not seem like a big deal, but since people like to boil stuff like that down for met*h, I have to go beg pharmacists or customer service personnel for the OTC drug(s) that I may need.  God forbid should you actually need Advil and cough syrup at the same time. 

I visited the cold reliever aisle.  No dice. 

I visited the pharmacist.  Nope.  Go to customer service.  (Seems weird, since every other store has OTC at the pharmacy.)  Okay then. 

I go to customer service.  I hand over my ID to purchase my drugs o' relief and I kid you not, the girl had to check 10 pages of drug log-in's to make certain that my name was not listed.  After a rather thorough check, She wrote down about every bit of information from my driver's license.  I could be wrong, but my height and slightly inaccurate listed weight may have been written down, too.  I had to sign the listing. 

The customer service clerk apologized.  I told her that really, I promised that I wasn't going to the street to make anything illegal.  I really just wanted to take it for my own cold relief.  She was saying that she thought it was slightly ridiculous and I agreed that in a way, I see that but there was just a me*th lab 1 block down from a school in our city that just blew up.  She then told me that there are some people who will come in and ask (in a drug type drawl), "How many boxes can I get?"  Considering that they just sold me a 40 ct. box and it will take me a year to go through all that, I can't imagine why they would want more other than for illicit activities.  She said that at that point, she'll tell them none.  She'll refuse them.  She said that she can tell. 

I hate that she is put in that position. 

I know that I've talked about this before, but it still surprises me each and every time.  Wow.

Smiles in my day:
-  K- got a 100% on her math test!  It was a 4 page (2 pages double sided) test that was addition and subtraction and she neatly wrote her answers.  Didn't question herself.  She didn't erase all over the place.  She was sure of her answers.  Quite amazing since doing subtraction flash cards has been quite painful.  I'm going to meet with her teacher to see what ideas that she has to have me help K-.  I want to make certain that the ways that I help her are in line with what Mrs. S- is teaching.  I don't want to teach K- a way to figure out subtraction that she can't use at school.  It appears as though she needs visual cues to pull subtraction around. 

Have a great day!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Religion brought to you by children in the single digits.

We are Baptist.  My nieces are Catholic.  When we were on one of our many cab rides in NYC, my sister-in-law pointed out a gorgeous Baptist church just a block down from our hotel.  I think that her girls were asking about being Baptist and I told her that we believe a little differently, but it all comes around to God and it's all good. 

"Jesus is in my heart," K- announces.

My 9 year old niece said, "What?  He's where?"

"Jesus is in my heart," K- repeats.

My 7 year old niece proceeded to turn to K-, knock on the area of her heart, bent her head down to K-'s heart and said, "Jesus?  Hello?  Are you there?"


Smiles in my day:
-  Getting the rest of the directory information for PTA handed over.  Thank goodness!
-  Having someone happy to handle the directory compilation for me. 
-  The fact that the store did so well this weekend, tons of our Christmas merchandise flew out the door and there's not the amount in back stock that I thought we would have. 
-  K- wearing the thick wool and fleece lined hat around my mother-in-law's house, flapping and hooting.  Even though there were a few girls in her class that laughed at her hat, A- thought it was way too cool.  She decided that she wasn't going to be bothered with what they had to say and I'm thrilled with that.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tales from the Trenches: My mind is filled with PTA.

I worked for 2 1/2 hours last night on compiling PTA directory information.  More specifically, I didn't consider lying under my blankets until about 12:30 AM.  I was wide awake, but very tired.  I probably fell asleep well after 1 AM.  Hubs is suffering from a cold that I'm trying to fight off.  Between the two of us dealing with that, then Hubs coming to bed close to alarm time while constantly clearing his throat, my heavens I'm tired.

This morning I was at school at 8:00 AM.  I worked on directory stuff for 45 minutes. 

This evening I've worked on compiling more information needed to award a donut party to a class.

Then I talked to the kind woman who is taking pity on my soul and she is actually doing the directory off the old format from last year.  Tonight, Cindy is my hero.

Then I talked to another PTA member about her membership entry problems with the National PTA entry site.  We got on to talking about the PTA cookie drive for Thanksgiving and my help with transportation of Santa Shop items.  (I refuse to work Santa Shop because I work holiday retail and I cannot do more retail than required at the holidays.  I volunteer for just about everything else.  That one I had to put my foot down.)

Then I had to call someone to confirm that it is a donut and juice party (again with the food rewards) for the class with the most members.  We got on to talking about plans for a retirement celebration for the school office assistant.  (We love her.)

I had to e-mail my monthly newsletter submission by the end of this evening.  I got it done.

Y'all, I'm tired!

Have a great day!

Smiles in my day:
-  K- had a lovely report card.  She is doing as expected in most things but above in a few things.  The entire behavioral section was all +'s.  That made my heart very happy!  As a prize, I bought her a hand knit owl hat from work, but she is concerned that people will make fun of her.  I'm wondering if being tired was getting the best of her.  We'll see how she feels about it in the morning.  She had it on.  She had a smirk.  She just needs one person to tell her how cool it is.  That someone needs to be someone other than her mom.  I told her that I'd take it back if it isn't what she wants. 
-  That my kid has such a great school and a very involved PTA that makes a ton of great things happen.
-  A nice, toasty bed waiting for me.  'Night all!

ETA:  The owl hat is a "hoot" (couldn't resist.)  K- loves it.  She was flying and hooting all morning long.  She just felt like a PTA orphan.  She wore it to school today and thinks that it is just wonderful.  Score one cool point for mom.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Stuff crossed off, stuff not.

I always have the mental list.  I was able to check a few things off that list this weekend.

1.  We visited Grandma and I put up her Christmas tree.  Yes, it is early, but we don't think that Grandma will actually make it to Christmas.  The little tree brings her so much joy.  K- said that it made Grandma's face light up.  It is true.  It is just one of those 6' spiral outdoor trees that she has me put ornaments on and she just thinks that it is the cats meow.  Hey, bless Grandma and her love for her tree.
2.  I was able to order our Christmas cards.  Now, this seems like no big thing to most people, but remember that I am an artist and tend to be a bit particular.  This year, our photo of us is kind of far away to accommodate a rather large statue, but we had a close up of K-.  It took me hours to find just the right size/layout through Snapfish.  I paid a bit more than I usually do, but ended up going with the 5 x 7 card.  It's all good.  It's ordered and it is checked off the list.
3.  We managed a stop to Sam's, picked up a bunch of things and now don't need to go there probably into the new year.
4.  On our way to Sam's, I saw that NTB was running a tire sale.  The tires on my vehicle have been quite a pain in my side since we've owned my vehicle, so I thought it was worth the look-see.  Hubs checked at Sam's.  They are having a sale soon, but don't have my tires in stock.  I'd have to order them and pay for them in advance, have them gathered up and shipped to them and then go to have everything put on.  They don't do alignment, so I would have had to go elsewhere for that.  Turns out that tires, road hazard, disposal, tax, alignment and the balancing stuff all turned out to be $650.00.  That, my friends, is one heck of a deal.  Sadly, I have very large tires on my truck and people don't generally have them in stock.  To add to that pain, they usually want you to have to do a bank job in order to afford them.  We were looking at the possibility of spending over $1000. in tires alone.  We were thrilled.  Because the Browns were busy playing, everyone was at home.  They had my truck up on the rack with tires removed by the time I signed the paper to allow them to actually do so. 
5.  While waiting for NTB to work their magic, we walked to the party supply store.  Miss K- will be having a Willy Wonka themed party (classic thankyouverymuch) and I needed to track down some supplies for the event.  We're going with a couple different purples and orange.  K- picked out some multi colored polka dotted purple sacks for pinata grab bags (my MIL does the pinata every year).  We'll be having a pajama party and projecting the movie on the big ole wall of our events building at church.  She is so excited!
6.  My sister and I have started to develop our shopping plan for Black Friday.  We are those crazy people that are out at 4 AM.  Usually, I go with my sister as support.  This year, I'm a girl in need.  I have myself set on a camera for K-.  I have $60.00 in Target gift cards from My Points, so the camera I'm looking at would cost me about $20.00.  I look at the gift cards as free cash, so my supplementation is the monetary chunk I'm actually counting.  A 20ish dollar big Santa gift isn't such a bad thing. 
7.  All of K-'s uniforms are dried and ironed, awaiting their wear this week. 
8.  I got K-'s Scholastic book order submitted. 
9.  Laundry washed, hung to dry on the line and the laundry bucket is empty. 
10. Two crock-pot meals in a row.  They are two day meals, so we have a lovely dinner for tomorrow already.  The great thing?  It is safe food for Hubs, so he won't have any issues.
11. The 100 Book Challenge photos have been sent off to Miss S- and Mr. B-.  I'm now in charge of updating the board AND! awarding the prizes.  (I swear that they saw me coming!)  I'm trying to devise a way to award prizes with minimal class disruption.  I've taken photos of the prizes and hopefully those in charge will agree that the teachers need to just have the children choose off the sheets.  That way, I can just put the prizes in their mailbox, instead of pulling kids out of rooms to choose.  I have to do that with books, but that is a different thing altogether. 

I was going to paint today, but we took the detour to tires.  After that, we basically figured the day was shot, but Hubs has two weeks of vacation to take before the end of the year or he'll lose it.  He said that he'll bust out the kitchen on his time off.

I have to work on the PTA Membership directory.  That is the thing that is hanging over my head.  Geeze o' Pete, it is taking forever.  I switched programs over to be compliant with National PTA and it has been a pain in my behind.  That is my thing to tackle when I get off here.  If I can get that thing done.

I've been waffling on the annual Christmas letter.  To do or not to do?  I try to make it light, happy, a bit of a recap but with much Thanksgiving.  It is just a one pager that is 12 point font on paper that generally has a pretty bit margin to it.  My brother has ribbed me about it for years, but I do actually have people (Aunt Patti!) that seem to really enjoy it.  I don't know.  I'm on the fence.  Frankly, nothing giant has happened so I'm thinking I can just skip. 

So here is your opportunity.  Belt it out internet.  Love the Christmas letters or hate the Christmas letters?  Don't worry.  You aren't going to hurt my feelings. 

Since my smiles are sprinkled above, I'm cuttin' out.  Have a good night and a great day!