Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tales from the Trenches: My mind is filled with PTA.

I worked for 2 1/2 hours last night on compiling PTA directory information.  More specifically, I didn't consider lying under my blankets until about 12:30 AM.  I was wide awake, but very tired.  I probably fell asleep well after 1 AM.  Hubs is suffering from a cold that I'm trying to fight off.  Between the two of us dealing with that, then Hubs coming to bed close to alarm time while constantly clearing his throat, my heavens I'm tired.

This morning I was at school at 8:00 AM.  I worked on directory stuff for 45 minutes. 

This evening I've worked on compiling more information needed to award a donut party to a class.

Then I talked to the kind woman who is taking pity on my soul and she is actually doing the directory off the old format from last year.  Tonight, Cindy is my hero.

Then I talked to another PTA member about her membership entry problems with the National PTA entry site.  We got on to talking about the PTA cookie drive for Thanksgiving and my help with transportation of Santa Shop items.  (I refuse to work Santa Shop because I work holiday retail and I cannot do more retail than required at the holidays.  I volunteer for just about everything else.  That one I had to put my foot down.)

Then I had to call someone to confirm that it is a donut and juice party (again with the food rewards) for the class with the most members.  We got on to talking about plans for a retirement celebration for the school office assistant.  (We love her.)

I had to e-mail my monthly newsletter submission by the end of this evening.  I got it done.

Y'all, I'm tired!

Have a great day!

Smiles in my day:
-  K- had a lovely report card.  She is doing as expected in most things but above in a few things.  The entire behavioral section was all +'s.  That made my heart very happy!  As a prize, I bought her a hand knit owl hat from work, but she is concerned that people will make fun of her.  I'm wondering if being tired was getting the best of her.  We'll see how she feels about it in the morning.  She had it on.  She had a smirk.  She just needs one person to tell her how cool it is.  That someone needs to be someone other than her mom.  I told her that I'd take it back if it isn't what she wants. 
-  That my kid has such a great school and a very involved PTA that makes a ton of great things happen.
-  A nice, toasty bed waiting for me.  'Night all!

ETA:  The owl hat is a "hoot" (couldn't resist.)  K- loves it.  She was flying and hooting all morning long.  She just felt like a PTA orphan.  She wore it to school today and thinks that it is just wonderful.  Score one cool point for mom.

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Rach said...

You are a FAR better woman than I, lol! That PTA stuff would have KILLED me. UGH to all the details. ;o)

I hope Hubs is feeling better.

Hooray for super fabuloso report cards and fun knit owl hats that are well loved. :o)