Sunday, November 7, 2010

Bailey's Leaf does NYC

We've been. 

We're back.

We're tired.

We are in love.

NYC was that and more.  Truly, tales that will take many posts to tell.  Right now, I'm transferring 459 photos. 

Why were we in NYC?  My sister-in-law is a marathon runner.  She has run Chicago twice, Boston once and now NYC.  She and my brother-in-law were kind enough to haul us along on their adventure. 

The important stuff to know is that she finished with a time of 4:08.  She would have finished sooner, but she had to make a bathroom stop.  We missed her at mile 18, but the family hoofed it, Hubs was able to catch up with her and Tom and the girls were able to see them both run by.  Where were K- and I?  Well, my daughter was having a reflux moment against a fence in Harlem.  Ah, yes.  Fine moments in life.  Though she grossed some people out, she did what she needed to do and bounced right back with running.  We made it just after Kristin ran past. 


Truly though, the vital people got there. 

Hubs was pulled a quarter mile away from the finish.  He called me.  We had broken away from Tom and the girls and K- and I were on a leisurely hike through Central Park on our own.  We hiked over rocks, around fences and through the Central Park Zoo.  It took us several blocks, but I was able to hail a cab and get back to the hotel. 

Here?  It snowed while I was gone.  I am sad that I missed our very first snowfall. 

With that, I promise that there are lots and many of pictures.  I also promise that this is the week that my 12 hour days start until Christmas is fully displayed at work.  Once again, I will be a little scarce, but I promise, me and my tired body are around.

But hey, what do I have to complain about?  I didn't just run 26.2 miles.

Have a great week!


Rach said...


You may not have run 26.2 miles, but you DID hoof it around NYC, schlepping things hither and yon, and with K in tow--who is wonderful, don't get me wrong, but if I had to keep up with Lil in NYC, I'd be a tired mommy.

I can't WAIT to see the photos and hear your adventures. :o)

Bailey's Leaf said...

K- is very good at "pick a pocket." When we went on the Central Park walkabout, I told her to grab a pocket and hold on. If she is holding onto my behind, I can feel the tug and know that she is there. It is a rather lovely system we have. She didn't whine. She hoofed it. Thanks to walking to school, she really does have a rather long walk threshold.

I am dead beat tired. I woke up with what seemed to be a cold (Oscillo to the rescue!) and I had to pull an 11 hour day because of Christmas tree crush week.

My body hurts.